Bellwether Review: a real jacket for CO riders.

If you're not on a racing team, (and let's be honest, many of us aren't) cycling clothing prices can be an issue. Especially GOOD clothing. Bellwether, although not a CO company, is a company that caught our eye. We are always a fan of quality, AFFORDABLE apparel to ride in.

From the Bellwether website:

We expect our athletes to ride hard. They pump their own tires. Pack their own energy. Plan their own ride. Essentials make the difference. What they eat. What they wear. Our clothing wicks moisture from within. They keep the rain out, breath and repel a headwind at the same time. They support muscles and improve endurance. Quality and performance matter to our athletes and our clothing reflects that. Moisture management, warmth, comfort and durability is designed into every item. For over 30 years our mission remains the same — develop high performance, affordable, technical apparel. got a fantastic box of goods to put to the Colorado test. We will have info. on the bibs and jerseys in May. For now, (appropriate as the snow is currently falling in CO) we present the Coldfront Jacket review. Looks like we'll be wearing this for at least another month.

From our male tester:
The Colorado winter has been somewhat harsh this year. For a long stretch of January and February it seemed that the bad weather would roll in just in time for the weekend. During this time I got to know the
Bellwether Coldfront jacket very well. Most of my rides were dry (by that I mean not snowing while riding) with typical temperature ranges between 30 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

As per the norm in Colorado winter, I noted cold hands and feet on several rides. However the jacket did its job perfectly. It was so perfect that honestly, I just didn't notice it. This is especially impressive when you consider the wildly varied temperatures in which I was comfortable. I have a tendency to be cold, sweaty, or just plain hot when wearing cycling specific jackets - and I was none of the above when rolling with the Coldfront.

Regarding the extras: there are lots of pockets and zipper options exactly where they should be. I really appreciated the large pockets in back and they weren't located too high up on the back like many jackets. I could open the vents in the arms and chest easily with gloves, but to close without pinching the interior mesh material required more care. This wasn't a problem once I did it a few times. The 3-layer soft-shell fabric was not bulky and seemed to breath well. The Coldfront has a lot of reflective material and has a really cool adjustable collar.

This jacket definitely deserves a spot in any Colorado rider’s closet.


  • Wind stopping 3-layer soft shell technology provides excellent cold weather protection against wind chill while allowing for excellent range of motion
  • 3-Layer fabric protects, insulates and breathes, optimizing cold weather comfort
  • Stretchable construction contours while in riding position
  • Adjustable collar height
  • Direct vents on chest and arms
  • Three large rear pockets
  • Angled side pockets for easy access
  • Silicone gripper creates good seal to keep the elements out
  • High-visibility reflective piping [Editor's note: this is no joke. Bellwether has it DOWN when it comes to reflective amazingness].

*Bellwether has an EXTENSIVE "buy local" list for CO. Check out
this jacket and the "buy local" button on their site. Thanks, Bellwether for keeping us warm this winter...and apparently this Spring.

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