Back to Basics Series rides again.

Photo: courtesy of Mountain Moon Photography

The level of cross-leticism (my made-up word of the day) in Colorado is insane. It's why many of the pro's choose to live and train here. Watching any of our higher level athletes taking a barrier or a set of stairs is simply awe-inspiring. But it can be a touch intimidating at the same time. The obvious cure for feelings of cross-inadequacy is practice. If you're like me, however, practicing by yourself usually means doing the following:

  • taking a few laps "kinda fast".
  • haphazardly leaping barriers 2-3 times.
  • sprinting through a playground sand pit (MOVE IT, TODDLERS!! It's CROSS SEASON!) and finally--
  • taking pictures of sunsets and rain-clouds.

THIS is why the "cross-rich" get richer and the "cross-poor" me. It's practice with others. Oth-therrss. Race-pace practice. Not "Katie-pace" practice. But that seems like even MORE work. Getting everyone together, a barrage of emails to a group that get "replied to all" and so on and so forth. Exhausting. If it's one thing I've learned as a mom, it's LET OTHERS DO THE WORK FOR YOU. And thankfully, Lee Waldman does just this with his Back to Basics Series in Golden.

The series (sponsored by Back to Basics Health Center, Feedback Sports, and Pedal Pushers Racing), runs through September; the 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th. And it's CHEAP ($15 per day or $45 for the series). In fact, you can make it even cheaper. Lee is looking for a little help (given all the mowing he's been doing, the man is DUE). If you work registration at any race, you race for free. OR come for a labor day on Labor Day. Help him get the course in tip-top, rip-roaring shape. Work an hour and get a free race. Win-win for everyone.

News Item: 


Supply and Demand

While I agree that the road and cross schedules are askew, if the schedule gets adjusted, and the month of September gets filled with road events, they would be poorly attended. Cross racers are chomping at the bit to pin on a number, and and since those fields will get smaller as the season goes on as well, why not use those September dates to obtain the most racer days possible.

I hope I'm not telling you something you don't already know.

Carter Lake was AWESOME

Weather that day could have gone either way but obviously we are living right because that was one sweet n dicey day. PS Larimer County has recently paved CR 23 ( where everyone parked) and the road riding is better than ever ... Much Mo bettah...PinewooD!

Oh and yes I am into that kinda thing....