BVSD proclaims Earth Day, April 22, Bike to School Day

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Event promotes physical activity and health

Boulder Valley School District has proclaimed Earth Day, April 22, Bike to School Day. Citing Bike to School Day as “a great opportunity to teach children about the environmental benefits of human-powered transportation choices” and that “being able to walk or bicycle to school offers as an opportunity to build physical activity into daily routine,” the BVSD Board of Education unanimously endorsed the second annual Bike to School Day. The proclamation also noted that driving students to school by private vehicle contributes to traffic congestion and air pollution, problems the district is working with the city or Boulder and Boulder County to reduce.

On Bike to School Day, April 22, the entire school community is invited to participate by walking, cycling or bus riding. The event ushers in the spring cycling season and promotes physical activity, health, and environmental awareness to all BVSD students, staff, and parents.

“Promoting health awareness and encouraging individuals to exercise is part of our common goal of better health,” said Bob Jamieson, Benefits Director for BVSD Human Resources. “When employees are healthier, our students are better served and our future healthcare costs are more manageable.”

Landon Hilliard of the BVSD Transportation Department promotes walking and biking to school through the district’s Safe Routes to School Program which is noted as a model in the United States.

“Our programs at BVSD are cutting edge,” Hilliard said. “We have instituted some of the first highly developed incentive programs for children to walk and bike to school, as well as having the first federally funded school bike rack project. When finished, this project will have installed 630 new bike parking slots at nineteen schools. We hope Bike to School Day will give more students, parents and staff the encouragement to try biking to school and see how enjoyable it can be to start the day with a pleasant bike ride or walk through their neighborhood.”

"Getting around Boulder on a bike is a great way to connect with my kids," said Rick Polito, Whittier Safe Routes to School parent leader. "There are so many lessons connected to bike commuting. It's a chance to teach them confidence - they know they can get around under their own power. It's a way to talk to them about their impact on the environment. They get to learn how important exercise is and how good it feels. It's a way we can accomplish something together."

Students and staff are encouraged to register online at with a prize drawing available to everyone who registers. A grand prize of a RUSH Smoothie Party goes to the winning school with the highest level of participation of students and staff.

Online Registration for students and staff through April 22, 2010
RUSH Smoothie Party for school with the most participation
Drawing for Prizes
Thank you to our sponsors and partners: BVSD IT Department, Cat-Eye, City of Boulder/GO Boulder, Colorado Safe Routes to School Program, Community Cycles, Rush Naturally Enlightened, Studio Arc-hive, all the parent volunteers of the BVSD Safe Routes to School Program.

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