Aurora Firefighter Killed in Bicycle Accident

AURORA - An Aurora firefighter was killed on Friday morning when the bicycle he was riding was hit by a pickup. Aurora Fire says Jason Murphy was riding his bike to work at 7:30 a.m. when he was in the accident.

Aurora Police say it happened on East Quincy Avenue near South Uravan Street along Quincy Reservoir.

Police say the driver of a 2002 Dodge Ram pickup, 49-year-old William Nale, hit Murphy as he was using a marked crosswalk to Summit Elementary School. Nale told police he could not see because of the morning sun.

Murphy was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries and passed away.

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Sad to see this happen. Isn't

Sad to see this happen. Isn't the excuse always the sun? That's the excuse the guy had that hit me (even though a bunch of cars were going through the intersection in front of me). If you can't see, drive slow slow slow. Pay extra attention. No distractions.

Remember everyone, always pay attention to vehicles even if the light is in your favor and assume they might not stop. Law also says we must walk our bikes when using a crosswalk. Article does not say if he was riding or walking his bike in the crosswalk.