Athens Twilight Crash

The next time you complain about a race being neutralized for a crash, you may want to think back to this.

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Good USAC Officials & Promoters - NOT!

You hope that USAC sees this and suspends the officiating crew and doesn't give the promoter an other permit. How can they let a race go on and on, while riders are blocking the course and EMTs are helping them???
No communication plan! Yea, it has a big priselist and good PR, but as you can tell, that doesn't mean squat for running a safe race. NASCAR will stop a race,but USAC won't?
Hope our officials in Colorado always stop a crit when multiple riders are down on the course and being attended to medical personal.

I could almost forgive the

I could almost forgive the problems with trying to neutralize things the first time the riders came by. If there was a split in the field it's possible that there was minimal time to neutralize that group before it came upon a crash that had occurred in the break, for example. But, for the field to come around a SECOND time, apparently still at almost race pace, is inexcusable (for the racers as well as the promoters and officials).

I'm also sort of shocked the spectators didn't get involved to warn the racers.

I was at the race and saw the

I was at the race and saw the initial crash. It's well known that this turn is the most technical. More spectators post up here because here than any other turn, because of additional action. I couldn't believe how poorly managed the race was. The other commentor is correct it was neutralized eventually, but it was far too late.