Aspen Teen, Keegan Swirbul's Future is Bright after Beating Armstrong at Power of Four Race

From the Daily Camera

Two months ago, in his biggest bike race ever, his front derailleur locked in the big O-ring and the world's most famous cyclist zoomed past him on a steep climb.

"I purposely let him get away on the climb because I knew I would be able to catch him on the downhill," said the lanky 17-year-old, who jettisoned to national prominence in late August after he beat Lance Armstrong in Aspen's 36-mile Power of Four mountain bike race. "I was able to save my energy for the last climb, which was the hardest one. So I went past him there and just held on."

After the race, the embattled Armstrong, who appears poised for one of sports' most dramatic falls from grace in a doping scandal, swung his arm over Swirlbul and said: "This is the future of cycling. Cycling will be fine."

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