Ann Trombley Interview - Part 2

Ann Trombley

[Continued From Part 1 Ann Trombley Interview]

[303cycling] Tell us about the work you do with junior cycling?
[Ann] Riding with and training the Juniors is really inspiring and gratifying. The team started when a group of juniors and parents got together and told Linda Behlen, Mike Eubank and myself that they wanted a junior team that would train and race together. We said "let’s do it." It has since evolved into Boulder Junior Cycling which encompasses both the Tokyo Joe's Junior Team and the Boulder Junior Cycling Team.

Tokyo Joe's Junior Team is the U19 team of cat 1 and cat 2 racers from 15-19 years old. They are some incredibly fast kids who are wonderful ambassadors for the sport. They pretty much spank me on the trails. Then we have the U15, Boulder Junior Cycling Team. These are kids from 11-15 years old. They are psyched about riding mountain bikes and would like to try a few races. Some of these kids are also amazingly fast and they will try anything you ask. "Let’s ride across those wet rocks." And they go for it even if they have only been on bikes for a month. The saying "No Fear" comes from this group.

We also embarked on a junior cyclo-cross team this fall. We rode every Tuesday and Thursday after school - rain, sleet or snow. And these guys and gals raced almost every Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 in the morning. Can you say, Dedication?! Although there was also much crying and crashing, these kids toughed out the most brutally snowy cross courses. This was thanks in large part to Larry Leith of Tokyo Joe's, Dave Wert of the Trek Store and Brandon Dwight of Boulder Cycle Sport, just to name a few of our generous sponsors.

[303cycling] I see that you have written a book called Serious Mountain Biking. Can you tell us a little bit about the book and what got you interested in writing it?
[Ann] Serious Mountain Biking how did I get roped in to that one?! A friend of mine that was working for Velo News at the time, asked if I wanted to co-write a book on how to ride, train and race mountain bikes. I said, "Sure, why not?" A few months later he appeared to have fallen off the face of the earth. I contacted the book company and said I would like to continue. I figured "hey, I have it half way done," after having written the outline. Boy was I wrong. Approximately 3 years later, I had "Serious Mountain Biking" by Ann Trombley.

Writing Serious Mountain Biking was another wonderful learning experience that I will never forget. The book is basically a How- To on riding, training and racing mountain bikes. It is written for the beginner to the expert (cat 1) rider/racer. There is information on how to practice different skills, how to set up a training schedule as well as racing tips. My goal was for the information to be simple and comprehensive. People make things so hard for themselves that it becomes overwhelming and they just give up. Training and racing doesn't need to be complicated and this book gives you examples of monthly, weekly and daily schedules to follow. Of course the most simple and comprehensive way to train is for an athlete to hire a coach. We do all the schedules and planning so the athletes can just get on their bikes and ride, hassle free.

[303cycling] I know you have a coaching business. What type of athletes do you work with? What services do you provide?
[Ann] Yes, I own Trailmaster Coaching and Physical Therapy, which is a marriage of my two areas of expertise. I think they complement each other and allow me to help my patients and athletes be as healthy as possible and function at the highest level possible.

As a Physical Therapist, I am an expert on the structure and function of the human body. This allows me to assess the athlete’s strengths, weaknesses, positioning both on and off the bike as well has ensuring a speedy recovery from any injuries. I can, for example, watch an athlete ride and notice faulty positioning or movement patterns, such as tight hamstrings. By repositioning and/or educating the athletes on a stretching or strengthening program, they can have a higher power output while eliminating the possibility of injury while training.

My coaching clients range from Junior and Pro racers to beginner athletes who want to keep up with their spouses. I have also worked with Xterra athletes and some Nordic skiers. I really enjoy working with athletes of all ages and abilities. It is amazing to watch everyone challenge themselves and then to excel.

The coaching services I provide range from bike fitting, skills clinics and fitness testing to daily coaching schedules, camps and coaching presentations. Ideally, I like to work closely with the athlete and ride, test or weight train with them 1-2 times per month. That allows me to see exactly what they are doing during their intervals, their position while riding or strength training and make changes on the spot. Educating both athletes and physical therapy clients is huge. The more they understand what they are doing and why, the more likely they will follow through with their intervals and exercises. Finally, because I was working while training and racing, I understand the importance of fitting life in to an athlete’s training schedule. My mantra is "Decrease the Stress!"


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