Angela des Cognets Interview by Mark Woolcott

From Mark Wollcott
It seems that every year there is an up-and-coming rider who puts a serious hurt on the field. In fact, I have featured a few of these riders and they seem to just take off after their first year. The next racer has been competitive athlete all of her life. Gymnastics was her sport of choice for a long time, but she actually dabbled in bike racing years ago.

She creates a new definition for the word powerful. Her time trial is something to watch. Hanging around bike shops and races, I have heard the term “wattage cottage” thrown around a few times for various parts of the anatomy. Well in this case, Angela’s entire body is ”wattage cottage”. She produces power that begins in her little toe and excellerates all the way through her helmet. And she is fun to watch.

She joined the Primal Rocky Mountain Colovita team early last season and ascended the ranks from a Cat 4 to a Cat 2 in one year. Angela and her family decided to attend the team’s annual skills camp in Palisades Co. Quickly she was taken in by all the ladies and became a favorite. Her friendly attitude and “go-get’em” style of riding has blossomed, making her a well rounded competitor. Keep an eye out for her on the steep climbs of the Mt. Evans race or the rolling hills of the state TT championships. She will be crushing it no matter what.

1. With what team do you ride?
Rocky Mountain Primal

2. How long have you been racing?
2010 was my first year of serious racing. Previously, I would do a few races each summer, but from 2003-2009 my cycling consisted of winter bike tires (in Canada) and a Burley.

3. How did you get started racing?
Susannah Gordon contacted me when she was putting together a new team. After hearing about the amazing group of women I’d be racing with, I couldn’t resist.

4. What is your all-time favorite race?
Iron Horse, 2001

5. What is your strongest discipline?
Surprisingly, it’s Time Trialing. I love that it’s just the bike, me, and all the suffering I can endure.

6. What part of bike racing do you absolutely loathe?
I loathe the races when my heart and mind say “go hard” and my body says “no”.

7. Tell me a little about your bikes and gear. What are they, what cool little gizmos do you use to train, what is your favorite piece of equipment?
My road bike is a Jamis Xenith Team Bike with SRAM Red components. For Time Trialing I have a Cervélo P3. I love my bikes. It’s really important I feel connected and trust them. Otherwise, it messes with my confidence. My favorite equipment is my Zipp 303’s. They are so light and responsive and corner like a dream.

8. Do you have any superstitions about racing or any pre-race rituals?
What are they and how did they start? I’m not superstitious, but I am all about pre-race rituals. Always the Tom Petty song, “Don’t Come Around Here No More” during my warm up. And most importantly, I say a prayer of thanks for my healthy body and another for the safety and well-being of all the riders. I started doing this when I realized nothing can be taken for granted.

9. If money was absolutely no object, what bike would you ride and how would it be painted?
I’m so happy with my bikes. However, a really fun, green paint job would be cool. At this moment I would rather splurge on wheel sets- One for every type of terrain and race.

10. If you could race with any pro, from any time in history who would it be?
Honestly, I’d rather ride with my friends.

11. You are granted a riding session with one current pro team. This session includes as many hours of riding as you would like, lunch at any location you choose and the ability to ride any place in the world. How do you fulfill this dream?
Please be specific with details about lunch conversations with riders and any pertinent gossip that is applicable. Team Radio Shack. A leisurely ride through Tuscany in the fall. Lunch would be outside at an organic farm with bruschetta, local Percorino Romano Cheese, Shrimp Fra Diavolo with fresh pasta, and Brunello di Montepulciano wine. For dessert, a chocolate ice cream cone. (Food is very important to me) The discussions would be serious. No gossiping. What I’m really interested in is the emotional stuff each of the riders face- motivations, fears, passions, heartbreaks, regrets, dreams, etc.

12. Who would you absolutely love to beat by the end of this year, and why?
My doubting alter ego that says “I’m not good enough.” She MUST be defeated!

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