ACA is showing strong increase in CX competitors

The ACA is showing a 23% increase of cyclocross riders from 07 to 08! If you attended a CX race this year then you're probably not surprised by this information but what is interesting is while CX went up 23% road participation is down by 10%. Why the drop by 10% is unclear (maybe someone would like to comment here?). According to USA Cycling they experienced a a 3.2% increase however that was combining road, track and cross all in the same bucket. I wonder if one of those disciplines showed a decrease and that might be why an aggregate number was released unlike how they gave mountain biking their own itemized increase of 1.2%

ACA Attendance highlights

  • Overall 3.4% increase over all disciplines
  • CX up 23%
  • Road down 10%

Stay tuned to see how each race and category did in 08.

Other numbers, Portland's Cross Crusade experienced a 25% increase in riders with an average attendance of 1045! That's a big number folks!

See the all of the ACA attendance data here

303Cycling would like to thank the ACA for providing them with this data.

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