American Cycling Association - Racing Numbers

We ran the story on ACA Mega Racers but what about the average racer? The results below show the number of races completed, followed by the number of ACA ACA licensed racers. For example: 315 racers completed one race.

  • 1 race: 315
  • 2-5 races: 728
  • 6-10 races: 624
  • 11-20 races: 555
  • 21-30 races: 198
  • 31-40 races: 58
  • 41- or more races: 21

To us, this information is very interesting. In 2009 there were approximately 3000 ACA licensed racers. With some simple calculations, the data shows that approximately 10% of licensed racers do only 1 race and about 50% do less than 10 races.

So, what were the most popular races that these single racers completed? The top five races that were completed by a 1 time finisher are listed below. (example: 19, 1 time finishers completed Mt Evans Hill Climb etc)

  1. 19 Bob Cook Memorial - Mt Evans HC - Colorado Hill Climb Championships
  2. 19 Frostbite Time Trial
  3. 16 Wheels of Thunder
  4. 15 Longmont Criterium Classic
  5. 13 Leaving 99 Criterium Crusade

The fact that 3 out of the top 5 races are criteriums was very interesting to us. What can the ACA do to get broader racer participation? More criteriums? More hill climbs? Time trials?

There are also a couple sites that go a few steps further and analyze the results of each race and in some cases attempt to predict results. CrossResults is dedicated to cyclocross results. Along those same lines we received and email this morning from with an article that talks about race predicting for road results. The same people appear to be behind both sites. Let us know what you think!

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Interesting and thanks to

Interesting and thanks to the link to Nico's blog (which I really enjoyed).

I think this raises the question of who is really the core ACA member and how to grow. I remember reading the ACA annual data last time it was published. I was shocked by the large % of members who did no races in a given year, or raced less than 5 times. I think it was close to half of the members raced 5 or less times a year. It made me think a relatively small % of the ACA members do the larger % of the racing (the old 80/20 rule). So in my opinion those are your core customers and you need to take care of them. Separetly we need to figure out a way to look at the group in the middle, who race a little, but could possible be "encourage" to race more. I do not know what the asnwer is.

Doing more races?

Given that my life can only partially revolve around cycling, last year I picked out 10 races, but only did 4. Wish I could do all 10, but never seem to pull it off. Maybe this year!

Everybody has different motives for choosing races but mine are:

Uniqueness: Something special about a given race you can't get elsewhere
Competition: Prefer the best riders in my category to be there, larger field size
Course: Prefer more challenging (not just more dangerous) and longer
Distance from Boulder/Time Away: Only travel beyond B/D metro if race is special
Varied: Some road, some crit, some climb, some TT for variety
Entry Fee: Willing to pay more for the positives above!

Interested in how others choose their events!

A Dozen races is enough for

A Dozen races is enough for me. Hopefully 10+ Finishes.
This year, we have a great selection of Road Races in Colorado.
1st Half - 6 Classic Type RRs from April to early-June. Koppenburg, Roubaix, Deer Trail, Hugo, Morgal-Bismark & Rock the Rive. (Just hoping Morgal opens up reg to have a Road Race only option. No desire for Street Sprints or that Crit.)

2nd Half - Late July - Early September - 3 RRs, Salida, Air Force & Estes and Steamboat SR(4 days-Only TT & Crit of the year for me!)

Rest of time riding in the mountains or Mountain Biking.

I wish there were some less

I wish there were some less unique races. Everyone is trying to have a unique race, with some cool twist, but now there aren't any regular races yet. Every TT wants to be technical, every Crit wants to have crazy corners(but there are many good 4 corner ones), every RR/Circuit wants to have massive dirt sections, and every HC wants to have some crazy steep dirt washboard stupid section. Why are the only stage races 4 hours away? This is Boulder/Denver, come on!

Easy Answer


The easy answer to your comments is to host a race. Make it as simple as you like, after your own tastes and as close to Denver/Boulder as possible. I wish there were people that did not complain and appreciate the fact putting on races is a lot of work and not a right but a privelege to participate in them.