Aluminum & Bamboo Bicycle by Aluboo Bikes

A bamboo do-anything bike with unsurpassed ride quality.

Bamboo is like 'whoa!' when it comes to making great bikes. Especially the species that we use, Vietnamese Tam Vong. It's nicknamed 'Iron Bamboo' because it is the strongest, densest species of bamboo in the world (there are 2,000 species). Not all bamboos are created equal (just like wood), and we've got the good stuff!

Why do we make bikes out of bamboo? PERFORMANCE. Bamboo is strong, light, stiff, and dampens vibrations really well, making it an excellent material for bikes.

An Aluboo frame absorbs roughness in the road and the trail unlike any other bike on the market, but it’s still strong, light, and stiff. Our Boo race bikes have long benefitted from bamboo’s ability to absorb vibration–but custom handmade carbon fiber and bamboo frames are pricey.

That's why we are building the Aluboo–to bring the performance benefits of our custom Boo race bikes to many more riders.

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