What's this? Altitude Adjustment Cx!

What's this? What's this?
There is another race.
For Nats, for Nats, you can improve your place.

-Charles Dickens (I mean...Brook Watts with a Jack the Pumpkin King accent)

All merriment aside now, this is serious business, people. We have a mere TWENTY-THREE DAYS until Nationals (for all you roadies, there is a light at the end of the tunnel). Are you pleased with what your call-up will be? Cross Nationals will be one of the most amazing events CO will have hosted yet. Will you be ready??!?!?

The standard CO season might be over, but thankfully Brook Watts (a.k.a. Cx Vegas-Brook Watts) has snuck one more in: ALTITUDE ADJUSTMENT CROSS...coming to a Longmont near you!!! No matter how dedicated you are, it's the Holidays. There will be a cookie here, a chocolate Santa head there, some snow and ice, a Holiday themed craft beer--or 3, someone will bring the gift of the flu to your house (cleverly wrapped up reeaaaal pretty like an innocent child), a relative will come visit unexpectedly and before you know it, it's January 1st and...well, let's just say it. You're going to somewhat suck. And that's just assuming you live in Colorado. No? Coming from sea-level? Hmmmm. Well, a nicer way to put it is that we'll all likely need a tune-up. Altitude Adjustment Cx has you covered.

From the Altitude Adjustment Press Release (December 3rd, 2013):
While much of the active world is unwinding after the holiday season or driving to the ski slopes for some powder runs, many bicycling enthusiasts will be heading to Longmont, Colorado for the Altitude Adjustment Cross race on January 4th and 5th.

While the road cyclists of the summer relax and recharge during the winter months, Cyclo-cross racers are at the peak of their busy race season. Never heard of Cyclo-cross? Cyclo-cross is to bike racing what a muddy buddy race is to an easy jog on the beach. Think of a race that starts with the highest heart rate possible, sends the racer through twists, turns and up over barriers and running sections while shouldering the bike and is held regardless of weather or temperature, all in a spectator-friendly environment – that’s a Cyclo-cross race.

With the National Championships of Cyclo-cross scheduled January 8th, timing of Altitude Adjustment is perfect for fine-tuning of fitness for the Colorado-based racers. It also offers a great way for out of town visitors to get used to the almost Mile-High altitude of Boulder County. The two days of racing also serve as a last chance for competitors to gain all-important ranking points in advance of the nationals. Categories of racing are available for all ages and abilities.

Watts Marketing of Longmont produces Altitude Adjustment Cross. Watts also produces Cross Vegas and Gateway Cross Cup, two nationally recognized Cyclo-cross events. Race Director Brook Watts commented, “I wanted to bring some racing to Longmont to show the world that despite the damage we sustained in the September floods our town is doing well and welcomes visitors.”

The two days of Cyclo-cross racing will be a first for Sandstone Ranch Park located just a couple of miles east of Longmont on Highway 119. The multi-sports facility offers a range of terrain from fast flat sections, uphill runs and a punchy climb that will test the racers’ legs, with sweeping views of the 14,000-foot Longs Peak. Watts described the course as “another example that even an innocent soccer complex can create a fun, flowy course that will delight racers and spectators alike.”

Online registration is now open through January 2nd at Altitude Adjustment Cross Pre-Reg. [Editor's note: Don't mess this up and forget. Do it now.]

In addition to the racing, racers and spectators can enjoy Oskar Blues beers in the Can’d Aid Beer Garden; with proceeds benefiting Colorado flood relief efforts. The Oskar Blues Bone Wagon will be on-site at the race daily beginning at lunchtime offering a great selection of foods. To add to the fun, there will be Attitude Adjustment parties at CyclHOPS Bike Cantina in Longmont each night. For complete party details follow @AltitudeCross on Twitter.

**If racing isn't your cup of tea, Altitude Adjustment Cx is looking for some stellar volunteers. [Editor's note: I happen to know that these volunteers will be taken care of with alllllllllllllll sorts of goodies and fun.] There's several different stations you can sign up for. For volunteering and more information, check these links out:

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