ACA Cyclist Dies from Injuries

Boulder cyclist, Alison Kellagher, is reported to have died from injuries sustained from a crash Sunday evening. The Daily Camera did a good job of telling about who Alison Kellagher was . Additional to her being a former professional cyclist, she is also a licensed ACA rider

Her husband is also an active ACA racing cyclist

Take a moment today to think of this.

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So sad...

I've known Bill since I was a kid, both through bike racing and skiing. A month or two ago my wife and I ran into Bill and Alison up at Snow Mountain Ranch, in the Skinny Ski Cafe, and he introduced us to Alison. There was nothing special about the moment -- Bill just stood up from his table and said "Hi Nico, I'm not sure if you know my wife Alison.." I can't fathom what it would be like to lose your spouse and my heart goes out to Bill and Alison's friends and family.