Alchemy Bicycle Company adds industry talent to new Colorado location

DENVER, Colo. (September 18, 2012) All four points of the compass held promise when Alchemy Bicycle Company and its parent company, Ethic Industries, went searching for new opportunities to support business growth. Recent company investments in assets and industry-proven leaders, plus wind tunnel testing, design enhancements, brand and marketing collaborations demanded a setting where to advance the business. Alchemy, winner of the 2012 NAHBS Carbon "Bike of the Year" award, chose Colorado to support growth and solidify its commitment to 100 percent US production and complete supply chain control.

"The reception by the dealers and industry partners in Colorado has been outstanding," said Matt Simpson, president of Ethic Industries. "We have meaningful industry partnerships that we are going to announce in the next few months and they even blow our minds. We are excited to be in control of our own growth, time to hang on!"

The deliberate upgrade from 3,000 to 9,000 square feet will not only accommodate increased manufacturing capacity and fully controlled supply chain and production, but also a growing staff, which recently added Pete Smith, Jeff Wager, and Sam Macuczak to its ranks.

Pete Smith, founder and owner of Mad Alchemy Embrocation, has joined Alchemy as its marketing and brand manager. Smith, an entrepreneur, introduced cyclists to his brand of skin care products in 2008 and immediately created a loyal following based on the quality of his product and by showing up at 'cross races near his home base in Merrimac, Mass. Whether or not racing was part of his marketing plan, he boosted brand recognition by often placing in the top 15 in the elite masters' races.

Jeff Wager will leave behind a decade of frame crafting for Serotta in New York for the wilds of Denver, where he will be the master welder for Alchemy's line of stainless steel bikes.

"Crafting bicycles actually found me," Wager said. "I was a senior at a trade school and was known for my very high-end tig welding ability. A few Serotta employees came to my trade school looking for a possible candidate new tig welder and my welding instructor led them right over to me. After welding on some test pieces, I was hired! Serotta is where I was taught the art form of welding and fabricated some great bikes. I am very pumped to take my skills and abilities to Alchemy Bicycles."

Sam Maczuzak will take on the role of production floor manager, where he will bring his tremendous talent for custom carbon fiber layup to bear on Alchemy's line of carbon fiber bikes. Maczuzak learned the craft from his brother, Matt Maczuzak, who is the head of Alchemy carbon fiber frame division. Matt has imparted his knowledge to Sam as well as saddled him with the extremely high expectations that mark the quality of an Alchemy frame.

Nerve central for business will be at 7700 South Cherry Creek Road in Denver. The new location is right off the Cherry Creek Bike Path, halfway between Denver landmark REI and the Cherry Creek State Park. In addition to Ethic Industries and Alchemy Bicycle Company, the building will be headquarters for Primal Wear, which has already moved in, plus a few other cycling-related businesses.

"Alchemy Bicycle Company and Primal are putting their heads together and sharing a vision for a destination for the Denver community that could include touring Alchemy's production facility, a retail fit studio and retail space, wellness cycling center and coffee/wireless cafe, along with a Primal Wear shared area," Simpson added.

About Alchemy Bicycle Company
Alchemy Bicycle Company makes handmade bikes that push the limits of design and engineering to deliver a bike that is built and ride-tuned to the individual rider. Custom-layered carbon fiber, enhanced ability to provide custom ride tune, and total control over USA supply and manufacturing yield bikes, each with their own unique DNA. Named the "Best Carbon Bike" at the 2012 North American Handmade Bicycle Show, Alchemy's aero carbon fiber bike is a complete manifestation of Alchemy's vision to inspire excellence and bring positive change to our community of cyclists around the world through design, quality, performance, and innovation.

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