Racer Participation is currently up over last year.

According to officials at the ACA Colorado is experiencing so far higher racer participation than 2011. The numbers are not including new events recently added to the umbrella of ACA like collegiate and track.

- April and May were 10-20% higher per event than last year. same events, same venues. more racers.

- June and July were about the same as last year. Some better, some not nearly so high.

- First weekend of August had 1050 athletes competing between Lookout and Bannock.

Once the season is over we will try to get racer participation spreadsheets from ACA like years past

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Making up numbers really

Making up numbers really doesn't make sense because anyone can go to the Website and check stats for themselves. Do you understand the concept of transparency? Do you realize the folks running the ACA are regular, goodhearted folks who care deeply about bicycle racing in Colorado? I heard Chris McGee was out working on the Kick It course this past weekend. He stands to make nothing off this race and he's out there doing hard labor for the good of the sport. He also works hard for jr cycling, etc and he's not getting rich from his ACA pay.

When I read this post the first thing I thought was "what a fucking idiot" and I'm not wrong. The vitriol against the ACA is unwarranted, unfair, misplaced. If you really have a problem with the ACA, get out of your mom's basement, sack-up and actually go to a board meeting and express your complaints in person.

Muddies the water even more,

Muddies the water even more, makes Kris look like a spokesman for ACA. I wonder why they're announcing this info now, and why it's not definitive. For example, to say participation went up 17% over last year sounds impressive, whereas saying it went up between 10-20% looks like waffling. If you have the data, it's not hard to calculate the exact %change.

The question I am asking is

The question I am asking is how can I make participation go up more and that is the same question you should be asking yourself. Using an anonymous comment to be critical of a stat showing weak growth achieves nothing.

The crap comments on this site are probably up 30% to 40%, but if we had the user data that number could be more exact.

Bob B? if you really are who you say you are...

let's not focus on who is anonymous, it's not relevant. Regardless, at least one person has already guessed my first name from my initials, so I imagine I'm not that anonymous, certainly no more so than you are.

Let's also not confuse asking a question with criticizing. Not every comment is designed to achieve anything, sometimes a question is just a question.

I didn't get the memo informing me it's my duty to assist ACA in increasing their participation numbers. So, it's not a question I should be asking myself. If your motivation is to drive up ACA participation, more power to you.

We used to get great data

In the past we did get very concrete data on participation, http://303cycling.com/2009-aca-racer-participation-data and we have 2010 data as well but I can't find it.

Maybe with this new back end system they don't have the scripts in place to pull this data or maybe it was just a casual conversation from Chris on this topic. I don't believe the ACA is lying to us and nor do I think they are "playing the numbers". Someone should ask to have (or they make) concrete numbers once the season is over.... it's all public data on their website. So is the ACA up 10%, or 20% or 13%? For now just read that growth is up and later a more exact number can be generated.