BRAC Discontinues Timing System!

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January 28, 2013

As of January 22, 2013, the Board of Directors has elected to discontinue the use of the BRAC – D&L Sound Chip Timing System in light of recent circumstances that impact the price, support, production and provision of equipment necessary to maintain the system. In late November, 2012, Orion, the French company who manufactures the system, hardware and software, sold the distribution rights to their product to a Belgian company, and released their North American representative from his contract.

Since its inception, our chip-timing efforts have been compromised by technical issues (including those with power and radio frequencies), faulty equipment, and compounded by errors in race registration. Many of these issues have been addressed and improved in the last two years. Our intention, in accordance with the direction provided by the Club Council at our December Annual Meeting, was to re-deploy the timing system in a more efficient manner. However, the change in ownership and distribution of the system, which includes a price increase of nearly 300% for replacement chips, represents an expense that would severely impact the cost of promotion and participation in our races, and compromise the long-term financial health of our organization.

BRAC will continue to work with local service providers and our promoters to ensure the use of appropriate technology (which may include high-speed cameras and race-day chips as offered by professional timing companies) to provide accurate race results as well as a safe and positive racing experience to our members. Racing policy for Cup contests further defines requirements for Gold, Silver and Bronze events to ensure these races meet out standards and expectations.

We appreciate your cooperation over the last two years in our efforts to improve the sport for our athletes, officials, and event directors. We would also like to thank Doug Ashbaugh, Clint Bickmore, Yvonne van Gent, Chris McGee, and our officials for their dedication and thorough efforts in deploying and maintaining this system for the time that it was in use.

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I'm glad you spoke up because

I'm glad you spoke up because even after four months of training this winter, I was on the fence as to whether or not to race, realizing that I just couldn't make a decision until you weighed in with an insightful opinion.

After careful consideration of your argument, I've decided to race. Your absence will mean one higher place for me, or more likely one less idiot to cause a crash. More likely still it will mean nothing at all.

p.s.--Have fun cherrypicking those Strava segments!

Simple = Better

This is great news. One less thing to buy, keep track of, deal with when it malfunctions. Keeps the leadership focused on what matters. I know many guys who stayed out of ACA racing due to the complications of the chips. Pin on number, line up, race, first guy across the line wins and buys the first round. Why would it ever need to be more complicated than that? This is supposed to be FUN, not a second job.

CO Cameras

I've used Doug Ashbaugh, D & L Sound, for my 2010 UCI Pro XCT 3-day stage race and will use him again for my June 16th CO XC Men's State Championship here in Colorado Springs.

I used Al MacDonald for my 2010 Air Force Academy Senior Road Race Championship.

Both were exceptional with fast results and results sent to riders and media within moments of becoming "Official."

I've Officiated at non-BRAC/ACA races with chips and had problems every time.

Andy Bohlmann

This is pretty much the best

This is pretty much the best news so far this year. The chips were a barrier to racing, particularly for people from out of town that had to pay not only the addition BRAC fee but also a chip rental fee, and most likely a 'day of' registration fee. That's an extra $30 on top of the $30 normal registration fee, just to do a local crit.

Good riddance.