ACA Graduation List

The ACA clearly defines what is needed to upgrade from one category to the next.

4 -> 3: Need 20 points in any 16 month period; experience in 25 qualifying races with a minimum of 10 top ten finishes with fields of 30 riders or more; 20 pack finishes with fields over 50. 25 pts. in 16 months is an automatic upgrade Resume must include at least one criterium. Jrs must have some experience riding in Senior 4 events before an upgrade to 3s will be granted.
3 -> 2: Need 25 points in any 16 month period; 35 pts. in 16 months is an automatic upgrade
2 -> 1: Need 30 points in any 16 month period; 45 pts. in 16 months is an automatic upgrade

ACA State Representative may upgrade riders at the end of the season that have reached the minimum amount of points but not maximum, or placed in the top 3 in overall BAR standing of categorized races.

For the complete rules download this PDF. There is always chatter about racers "catting up" so we decided to create a page that we will update weekly through the road season and then continue through the cyclocross season. We will not discriminate between men and women. We will only be looking at the category 4 racers because upgrade points get a little gray when you go above category 4. Here is a list of this weeks graduates with their current upgrade points, ACA number, name and team.

*** Updated 7/25/2010 ***


  • 28 7079 Zachary Rudolph VeloNews
  • 27 674 Joseph Petrowski Primal Racing - 1st Bank
  • 23 7616 Mark Notcutt Louisville Cyclery
  • 23 6923 Stefan Muenck RRV
  • 21 6796 Bill Lehman Twin Peaks Racing
  • 21 3866 William Meyers Schwab Cycles Racing Team
  • 21 9778 Bill Mackiernan Primal Racing - 1st Bank
  • 20 9963 Rob Gilbert Blue Sky Velo
  • 20 8872 Cameron Gridley Primal Racing - 1st Bank
  • 20 9868 Bill Brant Vic's Espresso-Peerless Tire
  • 20 6193 Jim Kraychy Natural Grocers p/b XP Companies


  • 22 3403 Jennifer Barbour Sports Optical Racing Team

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This is David Twynam. Never

This is David Twynam.
Never been in a mountain bike race. Never downgraded. Racing in 45/4 so I can race 35/3 next season with many of my teammates. Its tough for me to get upgrade points in 45 open.
Exchanged emails with Yvonne and she tells me I have to learn to ride crits before she will upgrade me. Working on it.

For the record, there is a

For the record, there is a David Twynam AND a David Twinam. It seems there's a bit of confusion as to who is who. Twinam is probably the one you're thinking of as being a pretty good mtb racer, but he is not the one showing up in 45+/4 races. That's Twynam. Different guy.

45 plus cat. 4 and 35 plus cat 3 upgrade points?

When the heck did we start giving upgrade points for these catagories? There is nothing within USAC to give upgrade points for anything other than sr catagories. Is there somehting in the ACA rule book that allows for it? I am just confused.

I met a guy this winter who talked about how is a cat. 2, as he got upgraded to cat 2 from 35 plus cat. 3. This guys pack skills are horrible and he woudl get killed if he did a mass start pro/1/2 race. Guys like that worry me. You most often need to be skilled and strong to upgrade out of the senior races, that is not always the case with the new masters groups.


You are correct they have not hit the mandatory upgrade standard but they are eligible for an upgrade. Its interesting that there are no Women on the list (> 20 upgrade pts).

Maybe that is another question that should be asked. Are men more likely to be sandbaggers than women? I am anxious to see these post in the weeks to come to see if any women reach the mark and dont upgrade.