ACA Mega Racers

Here at 303Cycling we wanted to find out what kind of racers really love to race based on how often they race.  With no preconceived ideas about what we would find, the numbers were pretty eye opening.  While the average number of races for an active ACA member might be lower than you’d expect, there are some young guns out there that really love it and double up almost every weekend. Hopefully this translates to fast masters in the years to come. 

We decided to come up with an award for both men and women racers with the most finishes in 2009. Here are the podiums and the number of races completed:

Racers with the most number of races in 2009


  1. Gage Hecht - 66 races
  2. Dean Haas - 55 races
  3. Drew Christopher - 51 races


  1. Laurel Rathbun - 44 races
  2. Darcy Tiglas - 43 races
  3. Jessica Way - 43 races

Want to see where you stack up with races completed? Go here and put in your ACA number. Stayed tuned for more interesting racing data and also look for mid year 2010 numbers.

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