ACA Board Recommendation on USAC situation

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Board Recommendation on USAC situation

September 29, 2011

Based on feedback from our clubs, the ACA Board of Directors recommends that the ACA does not pursue reintegration with USAC at this time.

The ACA and USAC have very different ideas about how a local organization should function. The ACA believes that its members are best served by paid staff who are focused on continual improvement, and that this work is fundamental to the high quality of racing in Colorado. USAC's Local Association model relies on volunteers at the local level. USAC wants the ACA to join the national organization, but to date has not provided a solution to the approximately $100,000 annual income shortfall that this reintegration would cost the ACA. Our members, which include individuals, families, clubs, promoters, officials and mechanics, are our most important asset, and the ACA board believes that this financial shortfall would cripple the ACA's ability to function in the manner that our members deserve. The ACA continues to explore new sources of funding, but the Board cannot risk the organization's survival by making a decision without first securing the necessary financial security.

The ACA has more than 3,000 members, industry-leading insurance, reasonable license fees, a comprehensive Junior Development Program, professional staff, widespread support from the local cycling community, and a strong commitment to grow and improve competitive cycling in Colorado and southeast Wyoming. Under the current agreement model, the bulk of our membership would see higher membership fees with no direct benefit from rejoining USAC.

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For the last decade, the ACA has had a strong commitment to the development of young and new bicycle racers, and one of the best Junior Development Programs in the country. The ACA spends approximately $40,000 per year on our juniors. We are very proud of our 350+ junior members, Junior Road and Cross Camps, Juniors Ride Free, Colorado Mini Classic, and 1st Bike Programs. We had 97 juniors at a local cross race, and more than 100 juniors will attend this year's Junior Cross Camp. The program works. We are very proud of the role we have played in the success of many American professional racers, and also of the number of young people who enjoy leading healthier lives through cycling. In addition to the juniors, the ACA works with our member clubs to host developmental clinics and mentoring opportunities for beginning adult racers.

In order to protect the interests of those Colorado racers and promoters who have ambitions beyond the state, the ACA has been working to:

1- create opportunities for ACA members to gain exposure to USAC's new call-up procedure for cross nationals.

2- create a dual-permitted model for select 2012 time trials, road races, criteriums, and hill climbs, so that UCI-registered professionals can once again compete in Colorado.

3- fully cooperate with USAC to help ACA members achieve category upgrades.

4- fully cooperate with promoters who have significant national ambitions for their events, such as the North Boulder Criterium, the Fort Collins Cycling Festival, the USGP in Fort Collins, the Boulder Cup, and the Colorado Cross Cup.

It should be noted that the ACA has never instituted a rule that prohibits specific racers from competing in our events. We welcome racers of all abilities, experience and nationalities to our races. It is our goal to offer the best racing opportunities for everyone.

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The response rate from the club survey was significant, as 62% of clubs responded. The primary issue, as identified by our clubs and discussed by the Board of Directors, is the change in funding that the ACA would experience as a Local Association of USAC. Until this issue is adequately addressed, the ACA Board of Directors recommends that we do not pursue reintegration with USAC at this time.

Please direct questions to:

Bill Barr, President, ACA Board of Directors 303-355-9914

Chris McGee, Executive Director, ACA 303-458-5538

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I guess I needed to be more

I guess I needed to be more clear because a few of you haven't had your coffee yet.

Oregon is managed by OBRA, which is like the ACA in that it is not managed by USAC. Still, there are two NRC races in Oregon, Sea Otter and the Cascade Classic. The poster implied that Colorado being managed by the ACA precluded us from having an NRC race, and this is simply not true.


FCCF experimented with dual sanctioning this year and both the ACA and USAC have been receptive to it. In the future it might look different from the FCCF 2011 model but theres been discussion of ACA sanctioning sport and masters cats and USAC sanctioning elite races. And they are rumored to be on the short list for an NRC spot next year as well.

This is the likely outcome going forward. it will provide the pros the ranking and sponsorship access and national support they believe we lack, as well as letting UCI pros compete here, while also allowing the grassroots, sport focused ACA to continue to operate.

It would also ameliorate dual licensing cost issues.

aca/usac reunification

I appreciate you signing your name, your a standup guy. Your Carbondale Crit was the best promoted and exciting criterium in Colorado this year. I am sorry to hear you are not planning on hosting a race next year. you will be missed. Best of luck.
ACA receives about one request a month from promoters/clubs outsideColorado for membership. Some from as far away as Florida and So Cal. These people say they are tired of being ignored by usac, usually a contributing factor involving their local association representative, but they usually state getting no response from usac as their need to look elsewhere for representation. ACA does not have the financial resources to promote cycling outside of Colorado.

Usac promoted a women's only three day stage race in Aspen as a prelude to the Pro Cycling Challenge stage finish. With a $9,000 prize list we had only 39 women show up, most from out of state. Sad. It ain't about money with women racers from the front range. In my opinion, western Colorado is where the best race courses are. However, regardless of the prize money, few racers from the front range will attend. You can attest to that. I fear if a western Colorado promoter hosted an NRC race, only out of state racers would attend. If ACA returned to usac this situation would remain the same: excellent race courses, no racers from the front range, promoter loses money.

So, yes it is about money. Everyone wants their share: USAC, ACA, Promoters, Racers (but the majority wont drive more than 30 miles to get it). With the ever shrinking economy all this tirade may be a moot point.
Should ACA lose money just to strike an agreement with usac? Some say yes. Is it good business, I don't think so.
Dean Crandall

Bring back the Rock!

Major bummer if you don't do Rock the River next year! I didn't have time or money to travel to Carbondale for the TT & Crit, but I always drove out to race Rock the River Road Race. Maybe do a TT or Crit in Eagle area the day before and just have a 2 race weekend??? Or just do The Rock!!!

I think the USAC Aspen Crit had a great course and prizes but always has low numbers due to the travel from the front range. Look at cross races so far, Boulder Racings around 600 each, 150+ from City of Boulder alone, while Cross at the River had less than 100. Hard to travel when there are a bunch of great races close by...