Preliminary results from ACA meeting on Satruday are in

Preliminary results are in from ACA BAR/BAR/Masters Meeting. Full details on the meeting should come out later this week but here is what is being said so far...Thanks to someone who was at the meeting for passing this on... not sure if I can expose the source though.

  • Jon Tarkington (Exec Dir) started the meeting out by review the statistics and trends within the membership
    • Slight increase in ACA membership overall
    • Yet, there has been a decrease in the number of race days
    • There has been a reduction in average field size for seniors. Particularly for SM P-1-2. Deemed to be a drop out of SM2's.
    • Possible Conclusion: Excess supply of races? Change in level of interest/lifestyles?
    • Lack of officials and officials complaining about long days for closed course races.
    • BAR/BAT designation results in an increase in field size. For Men 45+, it resulted in a 45% increase.

    Discussion followed the review of stats. The discussion was used for the BoD members on 1/11/09 to make decisions. In some cases, straw polls were taken. In particular instances, these straw polls conflicted with and overrode the straw polls taken in the ACA meeting on 12/12.

    • Majority of participants did not care about focusing on a specific BAR/BAT category and may race multiple categories. In other words, a master may race 45+, 45/3 or cat 3 rather than focus on a specific category. It seems that many participants just want to race!
    • 35+/cat 3, and 45/cat 4 seemed to pass in the straw poll.
    • There was no discussion of modifying men 35+ to 40+
    • The concept of the blue, green and yellow BAR/BAT categories seem to pass this straw poll. If so, it would only apply to closed course races, ostensibly crits and circuts. Promoters would petition for a race and a particular color/cats. (See proposal). The ACA would then review the proposals and then modify/normalize so that cats would get averaged out over the course of the season. As such, there might be a set of yellow BAR/BAT crtis on a Saturday and then Blue crit on Sunday.
    • The intent of this is to: Reduce the race day for closed course races for the officials and increase field size/participation in the chosen categories for that particular day.
    • While these seemed to pass the various straw polls, more thought needs to be given to how crits in stage races, omniums and state crit champs would be affected.

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Confused on the new catagories?

Why was adding 35 plus 3 and 45 plus 4 voted on at the annual meeting, with most teams present, and both were totally voted down. If I remember there was less than 25% support for these catagories. So this item was answered CLEARLY.

Now, magially, they appear at this meeting, that is not attended by most clubs, and another vote is taken? Now this time it passes?

What am I missing here? Does the board get to keep having votes, until they get a small enough # of team there, to make this pass?

I just do not get this. Can anyone explain it?

Confused on the new catagories?

Can someone tell me why we voted on these 2 new catagories at the annual meeting, with most teams present, and they were voted down. There was less than 25% support for 35 plus cat. 3 and 45 plus cat. 4.

Now these 2 items magically re-appear at this meeting and they pass in a straw poll. Does the ACA Board get to keep having votes for their agenda until they get few enought clubs there to pass?

Can anyone explain why this was voting on again?