ACA Timing System for 2011

ACA Timing System

ACA has purchased an advanced timing system that integrates the use of a high speed finish camera and timing chip transponders. Doug Ashbaugh of D&L Sound has been contracted to help refine and operate the system. With patience from everyone during the refinement and implementation period the system should produce more timely results at races and online.

Below is a list of items that pertain to specific groups within the ACA regarding the implementation and operation of this system:

-Transponders have a lifespan of 3-5 years and are programmed with the racers license number
-Racers will be required to obtain a chip transponder online upon joining or renewing their membership for $35
-Racers have the option to initial a disclaimer refusing the above option in favor of renting a transponder for $10/day at events (one-day members pay a $5 rental fee, promoters MAY choose to waive rental fees for one-day members)
-Racers must have their transponder correctly placed at ALL ACA Events (Link to placement info, TBD 2/2010)
-Racers without a transponder may race but will not be listed in the results
-Additional Transponders available online after Joining or Renewal for $38
-Racers will be notified by e-mail when their transponder is nearing the end of its battery life
-Those wishing to have a transponder reprogrammed to a different ACA number may do so for $5

-ALL Points Competition events (BAR/BAT, Cross Cup) will be required to contract timing and results service with D&L Sound for the base rate of $800/day
-Other ACA events are encouraged to use this service at the same base rate
-Pre-registrations must be sent to timing company 18hrs in advance of first race.
-Promoter will be issued 50-100 rental transponders and charged $35 for any that are not returned
-No Changes to race registration for annual members
-One-Day registrations must be issued a rental transponder for $5 ($15 total)
-If needed, annual members may be issued a rental transponder for $10
-Registration MUST close promptly 20 minutes before race start and be immediately transferred to the timing staff. Failure to do so will result in delay of race start.
-Race Registration errors ($5 each) will now be verified and charged at the event on the surcharge form
-The base rate includes all ACA timing and results equipment: Computers, transponder system, cameras, etc.
- The base rate also includes the following provided by D&L Sound:

Staff for system
-Trailer for transportation and operation of the system including:
-Windows/space for enclosed officials use in extremely inclement weather
-Officials Platform with stairs and cover for regular use.
-Small amplified sound system
-Generator/Battery Back-up to power timing system, sound system and any other peripherals
-Incorporated crowd control devices.
-Additional sound, stage and presentation services available for additional fees, contact D&L for more info

-Officials operate as they have in the past
-CJ must validate all results before posting
-Must provide list of riders and corresponding number of free laps.
-Must be prepared to compile results on NCR forms should technical issues arise.
-CR must assess fees determined by D&L sound staff (Registration errors, missing/lost transponders)

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Excellent Decision by the ACA

For a sport that requires several thousand dollars worth of equiment and clothing to compete, making $35 transponders mandatory is a great decision. This will really improve racing next season. Although it will also cause me all sorts of wasted time investigating lap times of racers who finished around me in the field, like I did this year after Cyclo X.

Unnecessary Cost

Really dont agree on many points and mandatory useage. I dont recall hearing/seeing a big issue that people ranted about and needed to be resolved by adding a transponder.

Granted $35 is not much over 3-5 years but mostly I dont really feel we need another cost center in an already costly sport where the ROI for the vast majority is minimal. Some may have all the dollars they need to schuck out for all the top of the line equipement, latest/greatest, etc but some of us are not in the same boat. This just adds to it, along with the race fees that are creeping up. My guess is that this is why many drop out of racing, cant justify the cost center on the home front, thus the increased attrition. I'm not a whinner/complainer but just stating a reality in my world.

Does this mean the registration lines will continue to move slower? One CX race this fall I stood in 2 lines for over 45min to get registered, barely got in my warm-up and didnt have time to inspect the course.

Does that mean that my transponder will suffice if I forget my license on race day?


The transponder and zip ties/velcro strap MUST come in colors that compliment my European (by way of Asia) kit and European (by way of Asia) frame.

after all “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”


Iron Mike

Any time one has to state

Any time one has to state "I'm not a whinner(sic)/complainer....." uh, like, you are, dude.... It sure must be tough being a Luddite in these thrilling technological times!

Don't recall people standing around bitching about race finish results? Talk to any ref/judge, they are 100% behind chip-timing, which will alleviate tons of petty gripes. I did a gran fondo on Italy, zip-tied the deal onto the fork, and as Jackie Gleason said, "and away we go!"

Transponders solve a myriad of timing and placement problems that we have all learned to accept in the dynamic sport of amateur racing. Look at any sizeable triathlon results page-splits/average speeds in each discipline/etc., all broken out in excel(lent) fashion.

Forgot your license on race day? Tough s***!

Stood in a line for over 45 minutes? Unprecedented numbers for cx, best turnout ever! Again, tough s***!

ROI? Bike racing? This isn't investing, dips***! Free socks don't buy carbon wheels! Scheesh(sp?)!!.....!

Now, I am so worked up! I need to go buy some colored zip ties in anticipation of my new timing chip, just to calm down!

Well, I can spot a Whinner

Well, I can spot a Whinner when I hear one and you definately are bro b/c you're to ignorant to call you and your lame reply what it really is. One is clearly a rant and the other is stating facts. You should sign up for more Grand Fondo's and spare us all.

I certainly am not going to

I certainly am not going to judge your personal situation, but when you look at the vast majority of ACA riders, $35 is not going to matter. It also sounds like you race cross, and the number of dudes rocking carbon frames, and carbon wheels, with tubies in all the low end cats would indicate that the large majority of the ACA is sure not leaving the sport due to cost. In fact a lot of the growth of the cat 4 masters type guys are spending lots of money.

No complaints about results? You obviously did not do Boulder Roubaix last year (which I think was the largest RR by #'s in 2010. Or WOT in 2009 when they had a camera break down. Or NBP in 2009 when they also had a camera issue.

Also I would guess you have never officiated.

I am not saying this system is perfect, or that I am looking to spend another $35, but I think we need to give it a chance and see how it goes. If it works great. If not then lets see what they do.