ACA - Colorado Cyclocross Changes for 2010 and 2011

We just got this news release from the ACA about changes for this year and issues that will be addressed in 2011.

This fall has seen unprecedented growth in cyclocross here in Colorado. It is fantastic to see so many racer entering the sport and see many riders moving up through the ranks. This growth has also caused some issues as well. Brian Graves of Frites en Mayo and the ROL Neutral Mechanics program summed it up best this past weekend by stating, “Sadly, we are victims of our own success” As a result of this growth and it’s corresponding issues, ACA will be looking at some major changes to the structure of the cyclocross race weekend for 2011. The current primary goals for the 2011 season will be:

1. Subdivide the SM35+ Cat 4 in some fashion (frequently 100+ racers)
2. Separate the SM 45+ from SW Open
3. Allow for clear, distinct course inspection times

Additionally, starting this weekend, the officials at ACA races will be instituting some changes based on feedback from riders, officials and promoters. These changes are interpretations based on current rules and policies that can be found in the ACA Rulebook and Policy Manual and have been reviewed by the ACA Technical Committee.

First, in order to address the issue of warm ups and course previews:

"Based on rules and At the discretion of the Chief Referee, racers are permitted to preview the course at the following times:

1. When the leader finishes his/her race racers may preview by following the last rider on course until 5 min before the next scheduled race start.
2. After the final rider starts his/her race racer may preview following that last rider for 1-2 laps (see below)

This means riders previewing may only do so behind the last rider and in front of the race leader. The course will be closed to non-racers after 2 laps have been completed OR EARLIER BASED ON CHIEF REFEREE’S DISCRETION. If a rider is unsure about the course status they should check with officials at either the start or finish before entering the course. Racers who violate these procedures (including passing the last rider or previewing within sight of the race leader) will:

1. Be kindly asked to remove themselves from the course by an official or course marshal.
2. If a rider fails to exit the course after being asked to do so he/she will be sanctioned based on rule 14.3 which include disqualification and/or suspension"

Mechanics of enforcement: Riders will be allowed on course at the finish line after the lead rider finishes. Previewing riders will be held at the starting area beginning 5 min before the next race start. They will be released from the start 30-seconds to 1 min after the last racer exits the grid. After the first 2 laps of a race the course is closed (or earlier based on CR discretion). Anyone caught previewing will be subject to CR discipline.

Second, to better accommodate and score large groups or groups that have multiple categories racing at the same time:

Chief Referees have been advised to delay race starts if the first race of the day has lap times under 6 minutes. This delay will be in place until the promoting group(s) lengthens the course to be longer than 6 minutes. For Cross Cup races this time is suggested to be raised to 6.5 minutes per lap.

The ACA Board of Directors, Technical Committee and staff appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience as these items are implemented in the coming weeks.

Best of luck to all those racing and spectating this cyclocross season,

Jon Tarkington
ACA Executive Director

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After the 125 start at Interlocken that's what I have been doing

The 4's have worked out fine but the late afternoon start makes for an odd day con familia.
The sandbagging in 35+4 is silly. Bike industry people, skin suits, carbonpalluza, cat 4, really? That said the 35+ open field is weighted w/ so many "ex" racers around our parts, a cool thing really, it is a bit out of wack speed and vibe wise. Meh, long ways from midweek in Mead but our cx scene is still the best thing around. Come to think of it we do need more midweek races....Ride ON

It's not what you bought..

Psycho-Cross is the new hip-fad. Just because people with a real job race it, doesn't mean they are going to be fast. They are out there having being competitive and having fun. Doesn't matter if they are on a $500 POS or $5000 Carbon-DI2 bike. It's all about fitness and skills.
Once (if) it gets muddy in Colorado, expect the fields to get smaller.

This banter would point to the 4's or 35open over the 35+4's

The amount of pavement and lap length tomorrow will spread things out. It will be interesting to see what if any fields cap out. The $40+ late fee may keep some racers away, in these times and all...I do know that post race delirium and a frenetic Nordstrom shopper's SUV do not mix well. "Heads up, on your left!" (Note "Outta the Line!" is just confusing and dangerous.


Yes, open means "open". you CAN ride in the "SM Open" race, the "35+ Open" race or any other "open" race as long as you are of the age and "male" criteria.

Go race a 35+ Open race. it is still fun, even if you are bleeding your eyes out to avoid being DFL like I do when I race that bunch. Shows one where you really stand on the speed scale.

35/4s upgrade to 4s

Since the 35/4s fields are so big and the 4s field is a reasonable size and I would agree that cat 4s are probably a little faster than 35/4s maybe 35/4s should upgrade to 4s then to 3s. Make the upgrade out of 35/4s a little easier like 15 pts or even 10 pts.

nah, that won't work either

The fastest 35+/4s are nearly as fast the top of the 4's field based on the timing results for Boulder CX#1 and overall time from last saturday.

I'm racing the 35+/4's this year since the wife races in the open and I don't want to spend all day waiting for the 4's race. With my random number generator results (47, 19, 16, 38, 56, 15 (actual order of results)), I'm really in the limbo land of sometimes lapping riders and sometimes being worried about getting lapped.

I think that CO cup points shouldn't be kept for the cat 4s. Also, call ups should be based on all races to that point, that would allow the fastest 4's to get their good results and move up.

If I end up moving up, I'll probably go with whichever race has a better time slot.