We were just made aware of the following potential rule change for 2011. I personally enjoy racing cyclocross in Colorado in September. I dont know if we need to start the weekend after Labor Day but I love racing cyclocross in warm weather or cold weather. The ACA did make changes this year with the Colorado Cross Cup and part of the rules were there would be no Cross Cup races in September. My feeling is if you dont want to race in September, dont and you can still be competitive in the Cross Cup series.

Item 9. Permit Fees – Cyclocross Permits
Add Racing Rule 5.4.10

Cyclocross events shall not be permitted before the first of October.

Submitted by: Lee Waldman - GMSV

  • There is no consistency between our cyclocross calendar and the rest of the world.
  • If we want to prepare our riders to be competitive on the national and world stage we need to adjust our calendar to help them.
  • The weather in Colorado in September is much too hot to have safe racing. We had people being treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration at our race (GMSV) on Sept. 19.
  • If we are looking towards a calendar in which Nationals are in January having races so early makes it difficult for people to peak for the big races later in the season.
  • If the ACA board isn't willing the sanction Colorado Cup races in September that should be a clear message that the board would like to move the calendar farther into the fall.
  • Starting later might give some promoters more time to adequately prepare courses.
  • It would give riders who want to race the road and cross more time for a break and to prepare for both seasons. It might possibly alleviate some of the problems with promoters falling all over themselves to hold their races early in the season.
  • In conversation with other riders and promoters I've gotten a lot of positive response for this idea.


  • Members enjoy racing cross in September. Participation numbers reinforce this. The UCI cross calendar(s) start the second weekend in September.


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I certainly understand Lee's

I certainly understand Lee's concern as even last Sunday there were people looking overheated and the free water did run out. I however do want the opportunity to race in September. I had a great time at Copper Mtn and I would probably head up to Breckenridge and Steamboat next year if those races were to take place.

I agree

This year's approach of making September the "pre-season" seems a good one. September will always be more popular for cross racing in Colorado than January, and I just don't see the need to make our calendar totally conform to the national calendar (which starts in September, anyway). The heat issue would be mitigated if only mountain events took September dates.

I don't agree at all , I

I don't agree at all , I live in Avon , and is hard enough to train in Nov, in 30 degrees temp at lunch time , just imagining trying to train in late Dec and Jan , is just no way we could do that ; then the driving ,going over two big passes that even in Oct are dangerous, to race for couple days will be not worth it at all.
The part about resting, I my self race road and Mtn , but is my own responsibility to give my self a brake if I want to participate in Nats or any other event .
Racing cross is fun no matter when it is so lets us the riders choose when we want to race.

Big Government

This is the most ridiculous crap I've read in a while. Who the hell thinks the ACA (or any racing body) should be in charge of deciding WHEN you can have a particular type of event?

And if you aren't a smart enough racer to figure out how to control yourself, and can't race in September while still being able to "peak" in January, well then you shouldn't be going to Nationals anyway. That's like saying the ACA should permit any road races until May, because Nationals aren't until August. Maybe we can permit some crits earlier, since crit Nationals are a weekend earlier.

"Dehydration"? Wait... let's back up... maybe we shouldn't extend the season into January... what if someone gets hypothermia!?!?

Great, now I guess I'll have to change my plans and skip the GMSV race series... I don't want to spoil my chance of peaking to win one of the 37 "national champion" jerseys that will be awarded later this year.


New rules

This is proposed legislation, to be voted on by the clubs at the annual meeting. Don't like it? Make sure your ACA club attends the meeting and votes your desires.

Disclaimer: I think it's silly to legislate when a type of event can be held. 'Cross in July? Why not? Break? Some of us don't race on the road to "need" a break.

September Cross

Fellow Crossers;

Do not despair, promoters will still be able to put on cross races in September, and this may open the door for more opportunities for the small guys. For instance, I had spoken to the Moots crew about a possible early Steamboat and Eagle weekend of cross racing in September. If the front rangers will support it, we will build it, and it will be fun, competitive and something to look forward to. Steamboat put together one of the best courses I've seen in Colrado, super crossy and fun, and Eagle always has the Fairgrounds, the home of Cult Cross which provides endless course's great to have the ACA, but it can be done independant as well.

None of the pro's make sense

1. Who really cares if our calendar matches the rest of the world? Cross is so much fun, they don't know what they are missing.
2. 99% of "our" riders won't be competitive on the national or world stage and how would not racing making this so? Nothing like speed training.
3. That was a record high (or close to it) at GMSV at a course with no shade. Tomorrow could have the same problem - in November. Another year, we could have raced in snow in September.
4. Actually it makes a lot of sense to race early, recover and make a push for nationals. Again this applies to the <10% of racers that go to nationals.
5. The cup schedule makes sense with Sept races which serve the preseason purpose. Claiming to know the intentions of the board is pretty silly.
6. Giving more time for "some" promoters doesn't make any sense since most courses are made the night before or close to it. If a course needs more time, don't use it in September.
7. Forcing a break on people is just silly. If they don't want to race, they don't have to. I raced SSSR and started cross two weeks later, enough break for me. Not sure how it is more difficult to hold a cross race in Sept than a time trial in April.
8. Sorry, I was wrong this one has merit (still think the idea is bad).

Numbers are all ready dropping off...

Recess at the Rez - 365
Castle Cross - 299
The peak season for Colorado cross is October up to the Boulder Cup.
Probably the only race to break 500 again will be States.
A few other reasons why numbers drop off
- End of Day Lights savings time.
- Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Season
- Weather is about to turn cold and wet (maybe snowy).
- A lot of Roadies and Mountain Bikers extend their season through October. They are now starting their winter break.
- Course Repeats

Keep September Cross!