7 Things Mountain Bikers Need to Know After a Flood

Let’s face it, things have been tough and are going to stay tough for many people in our state. The impact is so devastating I can’t wrap my troll sized head around it. I can’t fathom what it’s going to take to get us all out of this mess. I know it’s going to be a long road and a muddy road at that. For those of us that mountain bike, we know it’s going to be awhile before we are back on our precious trails. And we also know that people and loss of homes and life and treasures comes before all of that. For now, let’s try to find some joy where we can. And let’s try to remember that collectively we are amazing. We’re mountain bikers. And as my dad likes to say, “We’re tough as nails and twice as strong.”

Author, Cheri Felix

Here are my thoughts to get us through these next few weeks:
Get some exercise. Try to resist the temptation to have your kids make you a sandwich. Try to go to the fridge as often as possible. If you want a beer get it yourself. And on the way to the fridge maybe do a lunge or two. This should keep you in shape for all of that sick downhill you’re gonna want to get after later this fall.
Speaking of beer. Maybe go find a tap house that is open. Or a bar. Drinking with others is way more fun and let’s face it, drinking by yourself usually doesn’t end well. Unless you like nooner meetings where you start off by saying, “My name is Cheri and…”
Wash your bike. I know that after a flood the last thing you want to see is water but it’s a great time to spiffy your bike up and lube your chain. Lifting your bike into the bike stand will help keep up your upper body strength. What? Doesn’t everybody have a bike stand? Go get one. You’ll love it.
Wash your bike clothes. I know I know. For some of you that’s a huge task. I know for me it is. I tend to error on the side of if it isn’t stinky or crinkly don’t wash it but I’m thinking that spare chamois in my bike bag could use a run through the wash about now.
Start planning that next bike trip. It’s not too early to start thinking about a trip for next summer. A few weeks back I went to Park City to ride and let me tell you, I barely scratched the surface. That city has everything you need; great riding, a distillery, great food, free buses and some of the nicest people on this earth. Stay tuned for me to share when and how you should get there. For a 1 hour and 10 minute flight I’d say it should be on your list for next summer for sure.
Think about others. After the beer is gone, the bike is washed and the chamois is once again soft and fresh, take a look around your garage. Many kids lost their bikes or access to their bikes and there is a Colorado high school race this weekend in Leadville. The last race saw over 500 kids line up and I’m bettin’ someone’s going to need a bike to borrow this weekend. You can use this comment section if you have a bike to donate to a team or lend for the season.
Sign up to help rebuild our trails. To volunteer or receive updates, please send an email to: volunteer @bouldermountainbike.org with TRAIL LOVE in the subject line and you will be put on the list to help.

Keep your chin up and let me know if you are heading out for a beer.

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Put the bashing gavel down and pick up a shovel

I am really disappointed with the comments here. All of us here in Boulder have been affected by the floods. 2 Kids died in my hood, I am a parent and my heart sinks every time i think about those kids. Our friends have no homes and no one here in this community is untouched. Our roads are trashed, and someone here who gives back to the local cycling community often is just trying to lift spirits a little in a really tough time. Why don't you guys go lift some dirt. I know exactly where I would like to put it. Punters....

Our community was greatly

Our community was greatly affected by the floods, we all have friends that lost everything, or that just had minor damage. But in addition to collecting clothes and contributions for those in need, and helping neighbors clean up the mess left by the floods, we are also cleaning up the messes at our own houses, still taking care of our children and trying to explain the devastation to them, still going to work with pressing deadlines that even an epic flood won't delay...and with all of that, we all need a little release - be it humor, daydreaming about our next ride or hike, or drinking a beer with a friend. We are all human. Judging others doesn't show that you are better then, more helpful, more compassionate - in fact, it shows the opposite. I know this author and she's been feeding single parent families for years through an organization that she started, raising several children, is always there for her friends & was one of the first to respond to requests for donations for victims of the flood. So honestly, all you critics, get over your big bad self.

All y'all are just obnoxious.

All y'all are just obnoxious.

People will be people. Some will go to the ends of the earth to help others in need. Others will just sit and watch IT go by hoping the shit doesn't fall into their back yard = NIMBY

Then there will be others that are selfish and don't care about others.

We are seeing it right here. Some will advocate for helping others and then there will be quite a few (400ish) that will go do a Cross race during the maelstrom.

Good luck out there on your own path.

I wonder if you've ever

I wonder if you've ever personally been involved in disaster clean up. I ask, because it seems you're advocating that folks just drop what they're doing, grab a shovel, and head to Jamestown. You speak derisively of those who'd go do a 'cross race instead of helping. A few things to consider: 1) it takes a fair bit of coordination of effort for disaster clean up to work at all, much less well, 2) too many volunteers without a clear plan and someone orchestrating the efforts can often make things worse, and 3) you have NO idea how many hours of volunteer assistance any of those racers may have put in already and are just taking a little time off to recharge the batteries, so to speak. You have no business judging them.

Helping out

Yup, you got it right. Recharged the batteries today at the CX race. Went out several nights last week after work to pull wet, destroyed crap out of basements till dark this week. Will be back out tomorrow afternoon and weeknights after work again this coming week and have offered our home for to some who need 3+mos temporary house even though their house is fine, just cant get to it and no utilities. This is a marathon relief/recovery effort, not a sprint, and in order to be available to offer on a long-term basis, there's gotta be some pacing.