7-11 Track repoens today

According to the CVA website today the track will reopen today after being closed for over a week due to a very serious accident. Track officials have been tight lipped on the accident and investigation is assumed to be on going since no results have been made public. It is unknown at this moment if any lawsuits will come out of this and what policy changes if any will happen at the velodrome or if any information of what happened will be made public.

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I agree the track is safe.

I agree the track is safe. I disagree with you about "it's a private matter". A crash that shuts down the track for unknown reasons has people wondering what the heck happened down there. What's different between this accident and the one from a couple years ago when another rider was involved in a very serious accident? Can't blame or sensor people from speculating on why the OTC has taken in interest in this particular crash. A simple statement from the CVA would end speculation.