63rd and Diagional gets improvements for cyclist

Boulder County's Transportation department is currently making improvements to the tragic intersection of 63rd and Diagonal Hwy. This was the place where Nederland cyclist was killed a few years ago. Not that these improvements could have prevented such a horific accident the intersection as it stands today is one waiting to happen.

Improvements include creating a bike lane for north bound cyclist from Lookout Road to the intersection and for south bound cyclist the existing bike path will be extended to the west bound intersection. There will also be improvement to the light controls that at the moment rarely every work for cyclist forcing them to run a red light or wait for a car to arrive.
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List of current or soon to start projects related to cyclist

Recent Completed Project

From 2010-02-02 Broadway 36 Intersection

The County & State recently completed a project at the intersection of Hwy 36 and Broadway, this sadly too was where a cyclist was fatally killed

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