Fifth-Annual Venus de Miles, Colorado’s Only All-Women’s Road Cycling Event, Returns to Boulder County Sunday August 26, 2012

(BOULDER, COLORADO) -- Online registration is open for Venus de Miles, Colorado’s first and only organized all-women’s road bike ride, being held on Sunday August 26th 2012, in Boulder County.

Venus de Miles offers women of all ages and abilities an unforgettable day of cycling, socializing, and supporting Greenhouse Scholars, a Boulder based non-profit organization that provides mentoring and scholarship support to high-performing, under-resourced students.

Riders can choose from one of four fully supported courses, including the rolling 100-mile century ride, the calf-cramping 67-mile ride, the heart-pounding 51-mile ride, or the 33-mile jaunt through the scenic countryside. A post-ride celebration follows at Prospect Park in Longmont, featuring complimentary lunch fare from local food trucks, cocktails, spa services, bike demos by Trek Women, live music, and more.

Venus’s 2012 Dream Team, a group of inspiring community leaders and cycling celebrities, will be among the 1,700 anticipated participants at this year’s event. The 20-person “Men in Drag” support crew will also be on-hand providing mechanical assistance and general event support through out the day.

Starting August 1st, the cost to register is $99. In addition to this registration fee, participants are required to fundraise $75 for Greenhouse Scholars. Through this enhanced fundraising initiative, the 2012 Venus de Miles is on track to raise $225,000 for Greenhouse Scholars. Online registration and event details can be found at the Venus de Miles website.

The 2012 Venus de Miles ride is presented by Trek Women and WhiteWave Foods. Other major sponsors include LUNA, Clif Shot, Bicycling, Anthem Branding, and Greenhouse Partners.

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Why does this piss you off?

Why does this piss you off? It is a group ride to encourage women to get out and enjoy thier bike. No race, no cash on the line. If you really want, there is nothing to stop you from getting out there yourself or with a few of your friends and riding the same course on the same day. Just don't be a shit to the women on the road and stop and the 7-11 rather than thier support tents. Oh and you save $99 by doing that. There are plenty of guy only events and if there isn't enough for you why don't you start one? There is plenty wrong with things that happen in our sport, this isn't one of them, find something else to bitch about.