New site dedicated to Frontrange mountain bike scene

A new local site dedicated to Frontrange mountain bike scene just launched, The site is ran by Brendan Miller and is pretty grass roots much like 303cycling. Check them out on the web or follow them on Twitter. Below is their press release

Denver, CO – (Press Release Service- — Frontrange Mountain Bikers have a new free online source for local news, trail conditions, information, and a place to connect with other local mountain bikers. The site is a mountain bike lifestyle e-magazine solely dedicated to mountain biking along Colorado’s Frontrange.

“This is such a unique place to live and ride, and we’ve found that local riders don’t think of mountain biking as a hobby or just another activity, but rather a lifestyle,” said one of the Founders, Brendan Miller. “We asked ourselves how we could make the biggest impact on improving access, trail conditions, and the sport in general for local mountain bikers.” The answer wasn’t another advocacy group that solicited donations or memberships, but a for-profit website that they say can fuel the passion of local riders. “We want to connect riders, non-profit interest groups, and the industry with the ultimate goal of improving local riding opportunities,” says Miller.

The Founders say a sizeable portion of the profits from the sponsorship revenue will be donated to maintaining and building trails for local mountain bikers and others. “No other mountain bike site does that,” says Miller. The site plans to seek sponsors once the readership has reached a critical mass. The sponsors will be mountain bike or outdoor related, but for now the founders are focused on increasing visitors to the forums and the site.

The website has three key components: A Homepage that includes local and national stories and happenings in the mountain bike world, a Photo Gallery where riders can upload photos and a Forums section where riders can communicate back and forth about topics they find interesting and relevant.

Within the first week Miller says they are getting about 100-150 hits a day. They believe if they can maintain the pace they can be up to over 1500 members by the end of the year. “Someday we’d like to have 5,000 members, but for now we’ll take a 1000 and grow from there. Besides, this is all a part-time gig for us. We have full-time jobs, families, other commitments, and of course trails to ride.”

Brendan Miller

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