37 mile trail loop around Boulder

Boulder has some wonderful trails for recreational riding or commuting to your destinations but how many times have you wished, "I wish this trail would connect to that trail so I can avoid the road". Well I go through that thought process all the time and I'm not alone. There is growing strong support to create some new segments of trails that would connect many other trails to help create a ring trail around Boulder.

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From the DailyCamera
The "Trail Around Boulder" would connect current dirt and paved paths in a loop around the city and would require construction of seven new trails. Once completed, the loop would be 37 miles, slightly longer than earlier estimates, and would "cement Boulder's reputation as 'Trail Town USA,'" Peter Bakwin, president of the nonprofit Boulder Area Trails Coalition, told the Rotary Club.

After looking at the map you will see that some of these connecting segments are very small yet could yield great benefit. There is a website, trailaroundboulder.org/ that is the hub for this movement.

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