30th Street Transportation Improvements Project Celebration



Please attend the 30th Street Celebration and Walking Tour on Monday, Oct. 17, 2011 from 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The event begins at the 30th Street and Boulder Slough Bridge (south of Pearl Street, in Ras Kassa's parking lot). The celebration will include city speakers, food and a walking tour along 30th Street from the Boulder Slough to Goose Creek. Please join us to celebrate the changes and improvements to the area from recent projects such as the 30th Street Transportation Improvements Project.

The city would like to thank the community, area businesses and residents for their patience and continued support throughout the project. These pedestrian, bicycle, transit stop and vehicular improvements ensures that 30th Street functions optimally for all travel modes and supports the residents, employees, businesses and property owners along and adjacent to 30th Street.

Project Description:

This project installed the following improvements:

30th Street bike lanes from Arapahoe Avenue to Pearl Street;
New bridge and pedestrian/bicycle underpass on 30th Street at Boulder Left Hand and North Boulder Farmer's ditch (just south of Pearl Street);
Multi-use path connection between the east side of 30th Street and Goose Creek Greenway (the path connection on the west side already exists);
Mid-block pedestrian crossings on 30th Street between Canyon Boulevard and Walnut Street and between Pearl Street and Goose Creek Greenway;
An additional left turn lane for northbound 30th Street at Pearl Street
10-foot wide sidewalk on the east side of 30th Street from Arapahoe Avenue to Walnut Street;
Transit stop amenities and urban streetscape improvements in portions of the corridor; and
Underground portions of the power line on the east side of 30th Street.

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So awesome.

I've been using the new ramp from Goose Creek up to 30th daily to get home (previously, I was using the existing one, then having to make a difficult left onto 30th heading North.)
Kinda unrelated, but if you have any info on the Arapahoe (30th to Folsom) improvements, I'm quite curious what they're up to.