303Triathlon gets covered by the ColoradoDaily

Photo Credit: Paul Aiken

Thanks to my team who has worked really hard to add http://303triathlon.com to our family, David Kutcipal, Brian Patrick, George Thomas, Ben Welnak, Lucas McCain and Jimmy Archer. Please do share with your tri friends 303triathlon. I love what I do and love being apart of now these two communities.

303cycling.com expands to triathlon

Jimmy Archer, a pro triathlete, coach, writer, and former online editor for Inside Triathlon magazine, is heading up 303triathlon.com. Archer said that in triathlon media, there are four or five magazines with websites that are focused nationally or internationally.

“When I was at Inside Triathlon, we were always worried about being too Boulder-centric, or too Colorado-centric,” he said.

“It's interesting to be coming from the perspective of -- yes, let's be very Colorado specific,” he added.

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