303Cycling announces new grassroots team.

The Colorado Cyclocross Crew (CXC), a grassroots cyclocross team based in Denver, has declared intent to race for the 2014 cyclocross season. [Editor's note: that's RIGHT. You read it correctly. We are happily sliding into the ditch of cross, my friends. And we invite you to join us.]

Conceived as a team that focuses on a welcoming and user-friendly environment, the CXC invites those who are curious about the sport of Cyclocross to attend and compete in races with a fun-loving group.

Team organizers Matt Sodnicar and Cole Weinman recognized the importance of building a community and friendly environment for experienced and new riders alike to attend without the pressure and intimidation of point standings, rankings or expense that comes with joining a traditional team.

In partnership with Grist Brewing Company, 303Cycling and the CXC hope to see the trend catch on in the Colorado cyclocross scene, with the focus on friendships. People who you'd hang out with, both on and off the bike. Sodnicar, a respected voice in the cycling industry and creator of “Bandito Cross,” had this to say when asked about the creation of the CXC:

“Last year, I was trying to get some friends to attend their first CX race – as spectators, and changed my angle. I started calling cyclocross part festival, part barbecue with a ride going through the middle of it. I know the ‘R’ word intimidates some people, and we wanted to make it more accessible. One of our weekly goals is to invite a rider who may have heard of cyclocross and a person who doesn't ride at all (but that's fun to be around), and who would enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere. When people ask me if I race, I always respond – ‘Well, I wouldn't call what I do racing.’ I’m out there for suffering and for fun, and this whole cross thing is too much fun not to experience. “

Matt's gang and our gang got together and hashed out all the details. It turns out that we all wanted the same thing. Vengeance. Kidding. Not vengeance. (Ahem!) I meant, fun on bikes this cx season. Does this sound right up your alley? Yes? Good.

Matt & I arm wrestling for my belt.

There are no team dues. If you want to formally join, register yourself
under 303Cycling on USAC. You can even wear our team kit (it IS a great kit). Some will, some won't. Makes no difference to us (I'm going to get mine nice and filthy, but that's beside the point). The point is, this is all about enjoying the cycling community as a whole. Not just the fasties. We'll ride our bikes, bring friends, hang out and high-five each other. That's pretty much all we require. Who's in?!?

For more info, contact:
ColoradoCxCrew@gmail.com and/or

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