303Cycling Commuter Team

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Commuting Tips

Happy New Year

Did you make "Commuting to work by bike" one of your new year's resolutions in 2012? Want help sticking to that goal? Join our 303Cycling Commuter Team in 2012 and be apart of other non-competitive bike commuters making a commitment to commuter more by bike and be able to track your progress and see your benefits and savings! Last year our team rode over 25,000 miles which resulted in nearly $5k in savings not to mention other non-measurable benefits.

Learn more below and join today on http://www.worldcommute.com

Join the 303Cycling Commuter Team!

What a clever idea, a commuter team! Ergon has created a 12 rider team that spans over the USA. How competitive can commuting with your bike be? Very! Try commuting today in the snow and cold, try commuting to the grocery store, try commuting on a date, etc. To make this more "real" you can use tools like WorldCommute.com to track such progress against others. And to start the competition 303cycling has a 2011 Commuter Team! The commuter team will test you will to commute by bike more often and show the world that "yes you can" and show other competitors that you DO take commuting seriously!

How to get started with the 303cycling Commuter Team?

In many places in the Front Range, especially Boulder, there are so many good and safe routes to get around that commuting by bike is easier than you think. Don't forget that next Wednesday is Bike to Work Winter Day

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