303 Weekend Event Guide

Pure Fun
There's not a whole lot of organized fun bike events planned for this weekend so here's what we suggest...

  • Ride your bike outside. The Koppenberg is coming up. Maybe go for a test lap or two before it snows.
  • Smile and say hello to someone ELSE who's riding their bike.
  • Go for coffee or a beer with that person later and talk about how much you both love bikes.
  • We've just given you the perfect weekend. You're welcome.

Pure Suffering

  • Saturday, March 22nd: 2014 CU Cycling Candelas Circuit Race. This is located in the gorgeous “Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge”, in Arvada. Race is a hill repeat circuit on smooth roads. Challenging climb, fast (but not necessarily technical) descent with a sweeping left hand turn at the bottom. *Just look for the little house at the top(ish) of the climb. Focus on that house. Love it. It means you are almost to the top.
  • Sunday, March 23rd: The CU Cycling Stazio Crit. We all know it. Some of us love it. Fun one to race and even more fun to watch. Especially that one corner. You know the one.

Group Rides (a mix of fun AND suffering)
Looking for a group ride? We hear this over and over again! Here's a few to hook you up. All three are open to the public and have a mix of team members and individuals. Check with the shop if weather is questionable. Rides require a road bike but vary in speed/required skill.

  • Saturdays (North Boulder) Boulder Cycle Sport North Ride.
    Ride leaves at 10 a.m. from BCS North. The pace (pretty fast) and route is determined by the group of the day. Solid handling skills and knowledge of the area required. *Boulder Cycle Sport is also looking for new members for their Community Road Team. Give them a shout for more details.
  • Saturdays (Cherry Creek) Adventure Cycling Group Ride. The shop opens at 9:30 a.m. for bagels and coffee and maintenance needs. This no-drop ride leaves at 10 a.m. Avg distance is 24-28 miles with several points of regrouping along the way. For any questions, please call Erik at 303-699-2514.
  • Sundays (Golden) Peak Cycles Group Ride.This ride is fast paced, but fun (avgs 20 mph...climbing). It's led by "Big George" Mullen, master fitter at Peak. The group splits several times so may get dropped, but you probably won't be alone. Women are welcome (and they attend)! For questions, give the shop a call at (303) 216-1616.
  • Sundays (Highlands Ranch) BikeSource Group Ride. The ride rolls out from the BikeSource parking lot (C-470 and University) at 9 a.m. This is a no drop ride usually averaging 30-40 miles. Thanks to "Commuter Kyle" for sharing!

Giving Back

  • Saturdays,The Kick Stand (Castle Rock) has it's weekly volunteer wrenching. From 9 a.m.-1 p.m. you can wrench at 1/9 work stations with everything you need to make someone happy on the bike.
  • Saturdays, Volunteer Shop Day at Lucky Bikes Re-cyclery, (which is the community bike shop for Trips for Kids). They are looking for volunteers to invest a few hours working on bikes or other shop projects anytime during regular shop hours, 10 am to 5:30 pm. Contact Tania Satchwell, Program Mgr, tsatchwell@tripsforkidsdenver.org or call 720-454-9722 for details and to talk timing.

    *Do you have an event you'd like posted on this? 1. Get it on our calendar. 2. Email Katie@303cycling.com the event by Thursday nights. 3. We will hook you up.

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