The Pro's & take on the West Elk.

Tri-Hearter: Fall Transition
-Bill Plock, 8-15-2014

It’s time for yet another transition, T3 and away from triathlons for now. Almost two weeks have passed since Ironman Boulder and it feels like a year. My lungs however won’t seem to entirely let go of the effort and make their frustration known when I do things like race up a flight of stairs. But, they need to rally in two weeks for my next adventure in Crested Butte.

I plan to tackle the West Elk Bicycle Classic covering 134 miles of pure Colorado with a route touching several ecosystems showing the broad range of beauty our state has to offer. Along the way we will climb about 10,000 feet with one spectacular view after another. Having spent the last few months preparing for Ironman Boulder, too often my rides were lost in worry about watts and heart rates and maintaining this or hitting that. Not to say I didn't take in the beauty of the roads, but certainly the environment took a back seat.

The West Elk is a timed tour providing for a competitive flavor so I’m told. I suppose some bragging rights can be found and I’m pretty sure the field of cyclists will be fairly hardcore.

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  • Bill is absolutely correct. There will be some hard-core cyclists in the mix on August 31st. In fact, today's USA Pro Challenge will roll through portions of this very ride. This picture from Steephill shows mile 8 of the West Elk route from 2012. Check out miles 100-134 today.

    Who will climb the monster Kebler fastest? Will they be able to keep the lead on the descent? The final climb up to Mt CB? Jens Voigt? Tom Danielson? Tejay van Garderen? Best of luck to the Pro's and to every one who will be taking the West Elk Bicycle Classic on August 31st. Should be a wild ride.

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