Colo State Patrol PSA on 3 Feet to Pass..... pass it on!

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Totally agree. Apparently it isn't a crime until somebody is injured or dies, then they can tack on another misdemeanor for the jerk to use in a plea bargain. I have been told that the CSP will respond but it isn't clear what the response is.

That said, I wouldn't blame the CSP who likely knows that no DA is going to prosecute a crime based solely on primary citizen evidence. That would be the problem.

They are at least trying, and as much as my cynical-ly sarcastic-ness tells me it can't be true, it is better than nothing. The calls and emails still have to be placed or they won't think there is a problem and they won't do anything less than the nothing they can do now.

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As to my understanding, when

As to my understanding, when the 3 foot law was passed law enforcement (not sure if CSP specifically)were concerned that the law would be difficult to enforce, and were thus against it on those grounds.

I wonder if here would be a way to use video evidence, there are certainly a good number of cyclists in CO that own a GoPro.

CSP response

This information is from the CSP website ( It takes three complaints about the same license plate number before the CSP is going to respond. So in some (not all) cases it may appear that CSP or any other law enforcement agency is not doing anything.

An accident requires the law enforcement agency to respond.

Colorado also allows you to make a citizens arrest. I would use this power only when you have other witnesses or evidence of the crime. Here is the statute: C.R.S. 16-3-201. Arrest by a private person

A person who is not a peace officer may arrest another person when any crime has been or is being committed by the arrested person in the presence of the person making the arrest.

Also make sure you know the law that you are using to make the arrest.

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Careful what we wish for???

perhaps my chain was being jerked, there is a nasty rumor an anti-cycling group (calling themselves a pro-safety group) looking for legislation if the 3ft. rule is not possible, to ban cyclist from that road. My info came from a colo hyg patrol officer, any one else hear of this ridiculousness??


nit-picky, but important distinction - bicycles are legally vehicles, but are not motor vehicles. One important difference between the two is operating a motor vehicle on a public road is a revocable privilege; operating a vehicle is a controlled right.

very few places not possible

unless the entire road is ~9ft wide or less, then it is possible. The legislation specifically allows a passing vehicle to cross a double yellow line IF it is safe to do so (please notice the IF). If it is not safe to do so, then the cyclist is to be treated as any other vehicle and followed at a safe distance until it is safe to pass.