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They Better Start to Spice things Up!

These routes still seem too conservative. They really need to take advantage of the terrain Colorado provides! The race can't do (relatively) the same thing every year and hope to remain a success. I'm still excited to go watch these guys race, because they are awesome, but I feel like this race isn't reaching its full potential.

Day into Crested Butte...

Day 2 is the hardest. The dirt climb up and down Kebler Pass should break up things up a bit. If you are going to camp out for one stage, that is the one.
Day 3 - Climb up Monarch is a bit too shallow to split up the top pros.
Vail TT - Boring TT, but will probably break up GC a bit.

They should add on a climb up

They should add on a climb up Pikes Peak tollroad to the Glen Cove parking area for the C Springs stage. I'd also support a stage that starts in Golden and heads up Lookout, over Squaw Pass through Georgetown and over Guanella, out to Hoosier pass with the finish similar to the current finish in Breckenridge today.


I think a stage Boulder - Golden - Lookout - Squaw - Georgetown and finishing on Guanella might work, especially as the east side of Guanella is now paved. However if memory serves, the west side descent is still very rocky, steep and rough; it's essentially still just a jeep road, no? In 2002 when I drove sag for the Boulder-Breckenridge race, most of the riders switched bikes at the top of Guanella to MTBs just to be able to survive it.

I could be wrong, but I can't see current UCI road racers wanting to descend in those conditions.