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Schedule reflects start times BEFORE Daylight savings kicks in.

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ss/45+ start

The bigger problem is the front of the 45's will lapping the back of the SS. Bottomline don't complain about the schedule if you didn't get involved in the process of developing it. BRAC worked hard to get everyone involved in the development of the schedule and even allowed you to introduce your on schedule using their priority scheduling software. The biggest problem is we have to many categories. I think the move to removing the 35+ cat was a good start but more can be done.

Well, some of the 35+

Well, some of the 35+ superteams had already recruited riders based on the old age-group breakdown.

I'm at a loss for how to say that so that it conveys the proper derision I feel for "masters teams". It is a crying damn shame 'we' let the club system crumble. If you were on a club, you'd just race whatever cat you were. Now we worry about recruiting for teams, FFS.