2014 - Weld County Road Race

Photo: courtesy of Shawn Curry.



- Shot Williams
- Green Curry
- Bo Bickerstaff


Saturday, April 19, 2014



Big guys or camera angle?

Great Video. I was leading y'all in the car and proud to see the 35+ 3s racing hard. Fun to watch the break establish, then a few guys bridge up. The last lap the pack behind y'all just shattered as the chase was hard on the back side of the course.
Keep up the strong racing,

Weld Co RR Feedback requested

I'd like constructive feedback on the Weld Co RR. What single thing would you like to see that would make the race better? Wheel support? Longer races? Neutral feed zone? Bouncy castle? Mostly kidding on the last one but any suggestions are appreciated.

Also, cat 4s, we capped the field at 80 riders for safety reasons and two of your fields filled up. Feedback on how the race went with that size field would be appreciated. Could we make the field sizes bigger or should we leave them as is?

Thanks to all who showed up! It was a great day of racing and the RallySport team appreciates your support of the race.

Great venue and it was

Great venue and it was actually nice to have some wind to help split up the field a bit. 80 riders was the max for that course in my opinion, without wind, nobody gets dropped and it is a traffic jam with nowhere to move around. Keep firm on enforcement of the centerline rule too. One lap longer would be nice for the categories that are currently slated for 3 laps. Neutral support/feed area would be nice. I like the dirt section too, a little variety for everyone. Great job.

Cat 4s

Just a thought, and I know this will never happen. But, seeing as how men's cat 4 (my category, I admit) is always the most crowded and fills up early at 80 racers, why not divide cat 4 up even more so that you can admit even more cat 4s? That's good for business. For example, when I raced the CU crit last year and CSU road race this year, cat 4s were so crowded they did an "overflow" separate start time (Weld Cty did this with Cat 5s last year I believe). So, why not split up cat 4s into 18-29, 30-39 and 40+ or something like that? Yes, I know those aren't standard BRAC categories, so perhaps this question ought to be for Boups. Like I said, just a thought and it'll never happen. Since equal time must be given to the 12 racers in women's and juniors categories (only slight eye-roll there).

It should not be the same

It should not be the same weekend as the Maverick Classic Stage Race. We have no other stage races in CO and do not have a lot of RR's either, so to have both the same weekend was a failure of the promoters and BRAC. Our calendar is open enough that we all can do better. You guys are going to get your 700 or so riders due to your location close to Boulder/Denver. So it would be great if the events did not overlap. It would also be a way for you all to support collegiate racing, by working out a different date.

Outside of that it is a very good event. Registration is well done, flyer was easy to follow, our team likes the course, and the event is well run. Just coordinate the schedule with the colleges kids in Junction better. Was surprised to see the rider who was DQ'ed after cheating to win the 45 plus race in 2013 racing this year, but such is life.

pretty sure my 2013 2nd place

pretty sure my 2013 2nd place Omnium award would disagree with your statement. The collegiates put on races to fill a collegiate conference requirement. If it's a primary fundraiser then run all collegiate races in March like CU, CSU, and School of Mines, otherwise realize you have competition like every mtb event all summer long.

straight from the WOL website

straight from the WOL website: Entry Fee: Omnium entry is $115 (all races), after April 1st $135, after May 1st $150. Morgul Bismark only $65, After May 1st $75. Juniors 15-18 Omnium $60 or Morgul $35. Juniors 12-14 FREE

And, of course, if you look at the flyer, it's quite clear it's an omnium.

You know what? Morgul is an

You know what? Morgul is an omnium! I was wrong, appreciate the correction and am whipping up a healthy plate of crow to eat.

It is Salida that is the ex-omnium (which makes absolutely no sense to me given the travel costs associated with racing all three events).

I agree that the conflict

I agree that the conflict with the Maverick stage race was unfortunate. However, at the time of scheduling we had no idea the Maverick races were going to be a stage race. Last year they were an omnium. So at the BRAC road promoters meeting it was not thought to be a conflict since our road race was on a Saturday and the Maverick road race was on a Sunday. The BRAC conflict rule is not to have two of the same type of race on the same day.

We do support collegiate racing and our team attends many of the collegiate races in the area. We'll be talking with the Maverick promoter to see what we can do for next year. The schedule is crowded though so conflicts of some kind are bound to happen.

As for the 45+ guy who was relegated last year, I hear you. But I do try to give people a second chance. And he managed to stay on the right side of the road this year.

4 Laps

Really had a great time at this race...This is my second season cycling and always appreciate the opportunity folks give all of us to get out and push our limits! There seemed to be a ton of Cat 4s in the Under-39 Cat 5 group, which gave some of us a nice point of reference on where we need to be in the race. A four-lap option might be nice for the lower groups, too. Thanks for a great day of racing! Very well organized and appreciate all the volunteers/law enforcement who were out there.

One Days are listed as 4s.

Interesting - A bunch of them are One-Day racers. BRAC is listing them as 4s. A few it looks like they don't have a cat. assigned when you click on the "Rider Results" link. Not sure where the 4 is coming from on the results page.
And then a few I am guessing got upgraded to 4s just before or after the race. When they registered they where 5s, or at least that is what came back from the BRAC database. There is a multi day getting USAC data to BRAC which causes some issues with verification.



new to the racing scene. When was the awards. I only stuck around for a little while after the SM5 race, so i missed the awards. I had no clue if there were any anyway...
Great, fun race though. Will be back next year.

We're looking into having

We're looking into having longer races for some categories for next year. But there's a reason you don't see 96 mile road races in the Front Range. It's mostly just demographics and the cost associated with putting on a race in a populated region.

Also, the 96 mile road race at Maverick was only for the SM P-1-2. That category makes up 5-10% of our total racers at Weld. We try to balance the distances among all categories and still fit them in one day. Our MM 45+ 1-2-3 race was actually longer than the one at Maverick.

good experience

- liked strict implementation of yellow line rule. was applied consistently. makes for safer racing. I didn't see anybody take advantage and not get caught.

- some dropped racers from other earlier-starting categories joined our group. start line instructions should make clear that this is not permitted.

- better finish line location

- 1 corner volunteer didn't understand that cars needed to be stopped well back from the stop sign. This created a hazard as the group rounded a corner.


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