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Sunday, March 23, 2014



Any shots of 3/4 or 35+?

Agreed, awesome images as always with fabulous backdrops. Anyone shoot the mass of humanity that was the 3/4 field?

And regarding the thread below, blocking is artful. Riding shoulder-to-shoulder to physically block the road, if that actually occurred in the Masters' field, ain't.

In an alternate universe,

In an alternate universe, long ago and far away, doing a cat 4 race in my first year... there was a club that had maybe 10 guys in a 50 or so rider field. They all went to the front, let 3 guys roll off, TTT-style, then tried to ride shoulder-to-shoulder across the lane to literally block anyone from chasing. They had the nerve to yell at me when I rode off the road, in the gravel, to pass them. Once they started chasing me, they lined out a little, allowing others to pass. They never did reestablish control over the front. Fools. Worst example of blocking ever.

Chill Randy

The similarity was precisely why I asked if it was a certain race, mostly for my own curiosity. Perhaps you are a good a reader, but a little slow on the comprehension aspects Randy? It's ok. Anyone associated with a WWF star should be happy they can read at all.

Since you are the 303 Cycling

Since you are the 303 Cycling Message Board Know-It-All, does Cooter's post mention anything about the outcome of the race? Since you are obviously well informed about the hundreds of races that occur every year, does the fact that a team unsuccessfully tried to block up the entire road mean that the break was caught? Cooter doesn't mention a time frame does he? If the break was given even a couple of minutes and worked well together, it could easily stay away in a 4's race. Since he mentioned the 3 were all of the same team, you could assume they worked well together. The race I am referring to had the exact same characteristics. A team blocked the road for a few miles after sending teammates off the front, ultimately had to concede the road to the chase efforts, but since it was a CAT 4 race, no one coordinated well enough to chase down the break away. With these details Randy, are you absolutely certain it was a different race, and since you seem to know everything, can you tell me which race he was referring to? Cooter left obviously vague details and I did as well. Perhaps Cooter didn't want to name names, or teams, but that was the inference I made. If I had been more specific, perhaps that would have been easier for you and maybe you wouldn't have spit your coffee all over the computer screen in a fit of rage. And since I directly asked Cooter a question, I'm not sure why need to get involved in the first place.

If you don't like guys

If you don't like guys bunching up and slowing the pace you should just ride around them and then ride faster than them. Crazy how simple it is. The time you just wasted crying on the internet about a bunch of old leaky prostate old men ruining your fun you could have done another interval to make you faster than those mean old men with matching costumes

As a masters racer with lots

As a masters racer with lots of very good teammates, I feel compelled to address this point. It is up to you to make sure that you are position to not be blocked. Attack, bridge, chase, and do whatever you feel necessary to get in the position you feel you should be in. It is not the competitions responsibility to help you advance your position.

I didn't see the race in

I didn't see the race in question, but I've seen lots of blocking tactics over the years, some good, some bad. Here's the deal, if by blocking you mean disrupting the pace of the chasers by sitting in 3rd or 4th wheel and not pulling through, that's cool. But, if by blocking you mean lining up shoulder to shoulder across the road so no one can get by without riding off the road, that's a punk move that can only really be accomplished if you just happen to have a big club. Lame sauce.

I saw that a couple years ago

I saw that a couple years ago at Deer Trail. A team of 15 guys formed a two-deep phalanx across the narrow road and soft-pedalled at 12mph all the way to the first turnaround, at which point they tried to blow up the race by gunning it after the cone.

Anyway, personally I'd rather see a team try to get guys in a break and then passively disrupt the chase--at least others have a chance to bridge--than the alternate method of having a big team sit in the field and do only enough work to chase everything down while they wait for the last 500m.

One critical piece in that

One critical piece in that article linked above... if your teammates are in the break, just go sit in. Anything beyond not pulling through is uncool. Actually blocking the road is uncool. The pros don't do it. Cat 4s do it. Masters, particularly older masters, who take themselves too seriously do it. Stop doing it.

I think it was at Deer Trail

I think it was at Deer Trail in '07 or '06. 1/2/3 race on frontage road anyway. Break got away. Cat 3 team blocks the width of the road (to yellow line) becasue they had a teammate in the break. Totally lame. After asking politely several times to be let past and not forced to cross the yellow line, a cat 1 (Teton, I think) grabbbed an offender by the jersey and physically hauled him back, creating a gap for others to jump through and begin the chase. Cat 3 guys got away lucky. Such blocking doesn't happen in P12 races because offenders end up in the ditch very quickly.

Blocking in that manner is totally illegitimate. It promotes unsafe behaviour and perverts the integrity of the race. Any official who observes it should DQ the offending team.

Cry me a River

So funny, you clowns paying $40 and then crying when you can't handle a little blocking. That means you are weak. Sorry the $4k bike and kale breakfast didn't work out. You want friends, get a pet. This is bike racing, so man up or quit. I've crushed so many horrible bikers who think they train, only to hear about some sandbaggers as they get lapped. look in the mirror, you will likely never be good. so smile, have fun, and quit being a little crybaby on the internet.

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