2014 - Tour of Westcliffe/Deer Trail

CO Jr & SR RR Championships

*** Cancelled ***

Was reschedule to be Deer Trail


Saturday, June 21, 2014



Disappointed to see a

Disappointed to see a Facebook thread going around with people bitching about a lack of climbing for this event. Honestly, I'm just pumped to have a road race to participate in. Didn't the Sr. RR Championships get canceled last year? I'll take something over nothing, Thanks to the promoter for making this happen. Just my thoughts

I'm with you... sure, it's

I'm with you... sure, it's not a climber's race, but it's not going to be easy. I'd bet a dollar to a donut that the wind will be howling out there and it will be anything but easy. Frankly, I'm more surprised we haven't seen people bitching about how far away from the epicenter of all things CO Cycling (iow, Boulder) it is.

I'll help. Here's the first

I'll help. Here's the first post "I heard that the State Championships for the Road Race is now a pancake flat out and back course...ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME...Lame. I won't be driving out to West Cliffe and spending my money on a lame race like that. #epicfail"

When a few people replied, some less cordially than others (you know the typical response, if you don't like it, promote your own race, that sort of thing), this response was posted: "Challenge Accepted. We have already contacted BRAC. Colorado deserves a state championship road race it can be proud of not a 70mile Crit that 90% of people will have to drive 4hrs for. We had more elevation gain at the Colorado School of Mines Crit in 70min. Sorry"

I'm thinking someone's going to get a lesson in race promotion costs/headaches, if they follow through with their promise.


Some of the disappointment may stem from the fact that the promoter presented two possible course options at the fall meeting, the existing one and one which involved a handful of climbs. Many may have attached to their hopes the climbing version.

I would have liked to see that one happen as well, but completely understand the promoter's decision. You only need to look at the demise of Dead Dog (a great race!) to understand why: you lose a fairly large number of potential racers by having any given race more than one hour's drive from the metro area. You lose another large chunk if you throw in selective terrain because many racers make a probable return-on-investment calculation and if they think they're going to get rocked 5-miles into the race they're generally not going to bother paying the entry fee and making the drive.

So the promoter wants a return on their investment (even if that means just breaking even), and the racers want a return on their investment but what's good for the race from a financial perspective may not be good for the race from a sporting perspective and vice versa.

This conundrum isn't limited to amateur racing. We see the same thing with the US Pro every year where they opt for watered down courses in the interests of economic feasibility. They truncated the [best part of the] Tour of Flanders course in order to make the race more financially sound. So the question is would you rather have an ok race in reality or a great race in theory? If you want the latter you're going to have to travel...or promote it yourself.

Anyone who won't enter a

Anyone who won't enter a state championship because it's more than an hour's drive shouldn't be entering a championship event anyway.

Besides, everything is at least an hour from somewhere in the metro area. Races in Boulder are an hour from SE Denver, even farther for C Springs residents. Anything west of the divide is at least 45 minutes from everywhere else, and 2 hours or more on the return trip.

No one wants to drive, but anything within an hour of metro Denver, except maybe Boulder Roubaix, sux from a course perspective.

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