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Last Fall, I got a chance to have coffee with Lance Panigutti (co-founder of Without Limits Productions). It was smack dab in the middle of Cx so he was being quite generous with his time--especially considering I got lost on the way and was late. I was curious about what goes on behind the scenes at WOL. Things usually flow so seamlessly at their races, and I wanted to know how they did it. I had suspected Voodoo, but nope. Nothing that outlandish. A big part of it? TIME. Time translates to experience and in turn, breeds consistency.

WOL has now been around since 2007. As life-long athletes themselves, the Panigutti bros. (Lance and Tony) took their love for competition and turned it into a full-time business. They have a sister who works for them half-time and about 15 core people (all with other full time jobs) who make up the "WOL family”. From this group, they pull about 5 people, mix in some stellar volunteers and they create one of the best racing experiences you can get. And not only in Colorado, but on the East Coast as well.

They train their staff/volunteers just as they do their athletes. “We have a successful system. It’s not by accident. It’s through years of trial and error. We apply this system to each race, no matter the discipline. Our athletes know what to expect and what’s expected of them. It works.” They are constantly working towards a 5-10 year long-term plan, knowing that longevity within the realm of race promoting is a gamble that many lose. But Lance and Tony are not the losing types.

From the WOL website:

Without Limits Productions, was founded in 2007 with a simple goal in mind. We believe in producing events that ensure the athlete is getting value for their money, a first class event experience, a safe course environment, and most importantly one that is fun with a sense of competitive challenge.

Lance is particularly passionate about the value and longevity of road racing. This weekend’s Morgul Bismark is one out of only a handful of road races left in Colorado. As Lance put it, “I think the main thing promoters/clubs pursuing a road event need to realize is that ideally it takes 1.5 years to plan - a 1/2 year to investigate and permit and then you announce a full year in advance, that's one of the main keys to successful events. The days of people planning their schedule one week at a time for a big event are over. Now it's a one year out minimum for a lot of folks.”

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The Superior Morgul Omnium appeals to the Panguitti Bros. preferred schedule of racing: a marquis event for the month that people really push for as opposed to an over-saturated race calendar with dwindling racer-participation numbers. This will be the third year WOL has partnered with founding race director, Brian Hludzinski for the weekend of speed.

The Morgul Bismark loop was featured in the Red Zinger Bicycle Classic and Coors International Bicycle Classic from 1975 to 1988. The circuit race also was featured in the 1985 film, "American Flyers." Relaunched by the town and Hludzinski in 2010, the 13-mile loop traditionally follows Colo. 128, Colo. 93, Marshall Road and McCaslin Boulevard, with the loop ending in a mile-long climb known as "the wall." Due to the ongoing construction on 93, WOL will use the amended course from 2013 (12.15 mile loop with 750 vertical feet of elevation gain). [Editor’s note:The construction will give us new 6ft shoulders on either side of hwy 93. This will greatly improve future editions of the Morgul Bismark Course, so no complaining.] The Morgul race will once again feature chip timing, providing lap splits for each race AND your "Wall" split for each lap.

Men's and Women's Leader Jerseys, courtesy of Pactimo.

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