2014 - Superior Morgul Classic

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For 2014 we're excited to announce that the county has approved a brand new 8-mile time-trial course. I know some of you will miss the round-a-bout of "death", but this new course, starting down by the Whole Foods/RTD parking, has something for everyone! Please also note that due to a massive CDOT construction project on highway 93, that we will be using the fully closed road race course of 2013 for Sunday's Morgul Bismark. While the construction is a short-term hassle, the long-term benefits will include a NEW 6ft wide shoulder on each side of highway 93 as you descend from 128.

Colored Race Numbers for the Road Race are back in 2014!
The colored number system worked great last season and is now a staple of the Morgul Road Race moving forward. Remember that you will still receive two numbers, but one will be white (for the officials) and the other will have a colored background (for YOU). This will help riders and moto's prevent racers from hopping in a category pack that's not theirs, while helping you the athlete know who you're racing against (If you have a blue number, race against the blues, no drafting a pink number).

Chip Timing: Friday's Time-Trial and Sunday's Road Race will be chip timed by our timing partner Race Rite. Get ready for live results, digital TV displays, and "WALL" Splits this year in addition to lap splits for the Morgul. Saturday's Summit Criterium will be timed by a high speed camera.



Friday, May 16, 2014
Saturday, May 17, 2014
Sunday, May 18, 2014



What possessed you to think

What possessed you to think doing a bike race on a Friday during the commute on one of the busiest roads out of Boulder was a good idea?!? I watched no less than three almost collisions between bikes and cars as well as two minor fender benders while inching my way up South Boulder Road. Not to mention it took me almost 45 minutes to get from baseline, waiting for the light, to Via Appia and Tyler. This was an EXTREMELY STUPID DECISION and I sincerely hope you will learn from it and NOT schedule another bike race on a Friday during the commute. I only hope no bicyclists were hurt or disqualified because their times were affected by the cars in the bike lane to make turns, waiting to enter the dead-in-the-water traffic or stopped to deal with a fender bender.

I say, I say, boy... just

I say, I say, boy... just because a commute includes S Boulder road doesn't mean it's limited to S Boulder road. You judgmental moron, you have no idea wher that poster was ultimately headed, so it's quite likely a bike commute isn't feasible. You just keep on judging, though. Boulderites are good at that.

good lord you people are

good lord you people are selfish, entitled idiots. It's ONE DAY. Out of the entire YEAR. You can either:

a) read the copious signs they had posted on the route for weeks beforehand and either leave a bit early to leave time or else take a detour or
b) be patient for the extra ten minutes it takes to get through the closure / backup because for cripe's sake it's TEN MINUTES OUT OF ONE FREAKING DAY or
c) go to happy hour somewhere until the tailback clears.

Jesus I hate the entitled mentality of some people in this town.

Go stuff it.

Go stuff it.

I would like to know how some TT riders got to start way after everyone else in their division finished. On a day with pretty variable wind, that is really not fair. Especially if they got a significant result.

If you're talking about the...

Mike. You might be right. MIGHT. If all we had to do was turn in race resumes and/or CdA measurements with FTP tests then what would be the point of actually racing? There are no foregone conclusions in this beautiful sport of ours. However, it seems to this guy, that everyone should be given the same chance for success (within reason). Having a rider choose his start time or be able to start well after his class/category is unfair. Period. It's possible conditions did not change from when the first rider in his class went until 1.5 hours later when the rider "in question" was able to ride his race. But, you must admit that with Colorado's changeable weather (especially yesterday), it's also possible that the conditions in fact did change. It would be a bummer not to have a top class rider in a field because of personal obligations that might keep him from competing. But, I think it's more of a bummer to have a field of riders believe there might have been an advantage and favor granted because of those same personal obligations. It was not fair. Whether if affected the outcome or not is anyone's guess.

I don't seem to remember any

I don't seem to remember any roads being closed. A few cones here and there, and a few cop cars for everyone's safety.
Now for your "bike wannabees" comment.
We had several world, national, and state champions racing yesterday. Events like this bring revenue to the state and make Colorado an exciting place to live.
Now for your "morons" comment.
Go back under the bridge you came from you f-ing troll! Nobody cares about you entitled d-bags bitching about cyclists. We're here to stay! Good luck when the pro challenge comes to town.


Im a cycling wannabe. I also went rounds with a ufc heavyweight champ less than a few years back Now tell me what have you done fat ass.... Go ahead take time and think way back....Im waiting

Where to look for results, a how-to guide

Here is a quick checklist to help you find results for ANY race. Try these steps in order...

1. Check the race event website (in this case, withoutlimits.co)

Some race directors forget to post a results link, or don't post it soon enough. Note: I've never seen this happen at a WithoutLimits event. If it does happen, go to step 2.

2. Check the race timer's website (in this case, racerite.com). In general, race timers are way more reliable about posting results online than race directors (WLP crew being an exception).

If you don't know who timed the race, go to step 3.

3. Google results from last year ("Superior Morgul Time Trial results 2013"). There is a good chance that the same timing company timed the event this year, and you'll find this year's results in the same place.

Still no luck? Keep looking...

4. Try checking the website of the "official" governing body of your sport (in this case, www.coloradocycling.org or usacycling.org).

5. See if the race organizer has a facebook page and a) see if results are posted there, or b) post a question asking where you can find results

6. Email the race director

Hope this helps!

RaceRite Timing

Note: like all the events we time, results from tomorrow's Morgul Bismark Road Race will be live online, see http://www.racerite.com/results.html

why cycling fails

1. cyclists bashing cyclists
2. a car could drive the TT course, hit all cyclists, and not get arrested
3. promoters using a main road
4. cyclists crying about wind, rain, etc...
5. who knows how many still dope

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