2014 - Primalpalooza


Sunday, October 5, 2014



Thanks to the Promotors

I just read the letter posted on the BRAC website from Lucas Clarke regarding the goat head issue on the course. I appreciated he took the time to explain the issue and the situation. Riding in the front range, we have to be prepared for goat heads on every course. I learned my lesson.

It seems to me Primal did

It seems to me Primal did everything they could, including sending an email Sunday morning to pre-registered riders letting them know about the potential for goat heads. Sure we all wish that the flats didn't happen but the promoter taking time in advance and after the race to discuss the issues shows Primal and Lucas's concern and commitment. Overall I thought the course was tough, and fun to race. The vendor area was good and the playground for kids to enjoy while watching parents race made for a great overall feel for the race.

Great race

Great course layout/design with a variety of elements. Yes I got a flat and yes that is one of the risks while competing in an outdoor sport like cross. Spectator friendly and plenty of parking and port-o-lets.

I enjoyed the race - I run

I enjoyed the race - I run sealant in my tubulars and found a ton of goatheads in them afterwards but miraculously, they held pressure. I don't know what the secret is, or whether I'm just dumb lucky because I know a lot of people who run the same setup and flatted. Regardless, I think that is one of the more fun and challenging courses all year, especially with all those extra special wind gusts they conjured up to blow us around sideways in the loose corners :)

I heard a few people in the pits loudly deriding the race promoter and grousing about what a "ghetto" course it was. Guys, I'm really sorry you had a bad time, but you know, everyone I talked to from my team (not Primal) said they had lots of fun. I had lots of fun. It's a county fairgrounds, I've seen tons of those in a former lifetime (4H) and they're all pretty much the same. Where there isn't nice manicured lawn or pavement, there's always a bunch of sandy, gravelly hardpack (arenas, overflow lots) and anything that isn't that is usually weedlots full of stickers and scrub. Plus there's also usually stuff like broken glass and car parts and metal debris from the midway carnival / tractors and farm equipment, etc. It could be worse, there could be poison ivy / poison oak, honey locust trees with giant 6" thorn clusters that can legitimately injure you, or live hornet nests, all of which I've had to deal with other places on the map. It sure seems like Lucas did the best he could with what he had to work with. As persnickety as county / municipal administrations seem to be in this region about riding bicycles on any surface that's not actually paved, consider that we are pretty fortunate that JeffCo is willing to let us use their venue. It's not like you can't expect goatheads in Colorado.

LOAD of CRAP (and goatheads)

"pretty fortunate that JeffCo is willing to let us use their venue"

What the hell?!?! We don't have to settle having bike races in a dump.

I don't race on just any course and drop $35+ on entry fees for crap. These situations are why I like race day reg.

Not like this plant grew that week!!!! Goathead thorn or puncture plant (Tribulus terrestris) is easy to spot.

Any race director that picks a race site in the west should have this in mind. It is thoroughly irresponsible to run a bike race where this plant is in abundance.

So who gets my money. Races like Flatirons. Where it still costs the same to enter but wont cost my $100 in tires for just 45 minutes of riding.

ooh hey look a troll!

ooh hey look a troll! newsflash: you can put your money where your mouth is then and hold your own event. Bet you'll enjoy all the douchey anonymous internet comments about it... oh wait you won't because you're just some anonymous dick on the internet who probably doesn't even ride bikes.


... CROSSER, you could add 1-2 oz of sealant to your tires - for about the cost of a cup of coffee - pump up your tires, and be back riding. Flats suck, but preparation is part of racing, especially in 'cross.

Hey CROSSER I have news for

Hey CROSSER I have news for you. I was out doing stair drills at Valmont Park last night and noticed a ton of fresh new goathead vines all over the place on the 5280 steps and upper mesa!! So what now, are you going to boycott racing at Valmont Park because you don't want to hurt your wee little bikey? I have news for you: goatheads are everywhere on the Front Range, and they are worse in rainy years and when there's high wind, both of which we've had recently. So hey, if you want to pick up your toys and go home that's totally fine, just so you know, because 'cross certainly doesn't need the infestation of whiners that have ruined road racing. Please HTFU and learn a thing or two if you don't intend to just go back to riding in boring circles at some nicely swept criterium, or better yet, just go away and leave cross racing to people who actually, you know, enjoy it.

This chick needs a red card

I clearly have a bias but many other people, including the race photographers, saw this go down in the cat 4 women race at primalpalooza. My buddy was crashed out... She says by another racer who passed aggressively, in a bad spot, yelling and leaning into her the whole way. Fine. That happens in bike races. The problem is ... This woman continued to 'bitch at and curse out' my buddy as she lay on the pavement, with what later turned out to be a broken elbow and many injuries, which have caused her to lose out on work and income. Neither racer is a total newbie. So, my issue is... When somebody races gutter-style like that, cursing out an injured competitor, is observed by loads of witnesses doing this, and is racing for a local team... What happens? In this case so far, nothing! Is there, or should there be some accountability? Seems like there should be red cards or something for things like that but obviously officials are spread too thin to see it all. It's just a shame and definitely makes me want to stay out of future races. I mean, c'mon ladies... Most of us are moms, occasional racers, peers. Is this how your own mom woulda taught you to behave?

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