2014 - Pedaling for a Purpose

We are having a really cool bike ride event on March 29th! It is only $20 and all proceeds go to the Whole Planet Foundation. The WPF is a non-profit created by Whole Foods that supports women in poverty. Basically, we give microcredits to women in over 55 different countries (including the US). This helps them start their businesses and create more equality in the household. Since we started the non-profit, we cover all admin costs. Not only do we know where every cent goes, but every single penny that gets donated...goes straight to the women. I in fact went to Peru last year to meet some of these women, which was the most incredible experience!

The bike ride is from the Colfax Whole Foods on the Clear Creek Trail to the Colorado Blvd Whole Foods on the Cherry Creek Trail. There will be food,prizes, etc.

The link to sign up is http://www.sorewarding.com/events/15653-pedaling-for-a-purpose


Sunday, March 30, 2014


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