2014 - Laramie Enduro

No Lottery!
Yep, we are simplifying things and there will no longer be a lottery system! So in 2014, racer acceptance will be first entered-first in with an upper limit. So, we suggest you register early.

Registration Opens on March 1st at 9am Mountain Time
Sleep in, or better yet, go for an early morning ride and then come to our website or click here for the registration link.

At $85/racer ($170/tandem) we believe it is still one of the best deals out there. However, contrary to years past where no refunds were available, we are offering a partial refund of $60 if requested prior to May 31st friend at no additional cost. Email blakel@trihydro.com for details.

Racer Wait List
When we reach our maximum number of racers (which just so happens to be higher than years past), you will know as your only option will be to register for our wait list. You’ll only need to provide some minimal contact information. If a race spot opens, you’ll be notified and have a week to confirm your continued interest in racing by completing the racer registration form and making the necessary payment.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014


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