2014 - Haystack Mtn TT/TTT

*** Cancelled ***


Saturday, July 12, 2014



Haystack TT Cancelled.

Racers and fans of Haystack, we are so very sorry to announce that GS Boulder will not be able to put on the TT this year. We don’t have the volunteers to ensure a safe race. We will miss this event but look forward to 2015! Huge thanks to all of those who signed up to volunteer!!

Volunteers? Sounds like BS to

Volunteers? Sounds like BS to me. This is one of the most popular races of the year with multiple national pros showing up along with huge rider turnouts. A simple email or announcement through the ACA would have saved canceling such a big race. Sounds more like poor planing or profit projections not being met. Colorado needs to get it's Sh!t together or we are going to loose our racing culture.

Isn't volunteering for races

Isn't volunteering for races a club requirement with the ACA? I know membership on my team requires that I am available to volunteer for the race we host. If I want to race the event or have a conflict, I have to find a volunteer who will take my place. Looking at the GS Boulder roster of riders, how do they not have enough volunteers?

Conspiracy, it is those

damn crit riding point chasing racers that cant climb or TT, doesn't BRAC somehow mean Best all Around Crit Rider??Agree with the volunteer excuse as extremely weak, and yes I volunteer, no, don't want to read you should volunteer BS. yea, conspiracy, eliminate the gold TT and TTT.

easy now

just kidding about the crit guys, seemed obvious, but I guess not, have no idea for the real reason, I agree with other posts the "volunteer thing" could have covered with a appeal, at least try with BRAC and teams, that is why I felt it was weak. If you put the call out WE NEED HELP OR IT IS CANCELLED, and you are still short, by all means cancel it. If you raced the Cafe Velo TT, amazing what a small team put together, no, I am not on that team.

You haven't been keeping up

You haven't been keeping up to date with the rules. USAC has eroded the club structure. There are NO requirements for a club other than paying $150 - that gives you the right to wear sponsor logos. That's it. USAC is moving towards a professional promoter model - clubs and riders are a revenue stream. We've moved from a bike racing community to a collection of consumers.

Carlos, while they are

Carlos, while they are certainly making it easier for promoters to put on races (you may recall, it used to be that a promoter had to get a club to apply for the permit) lots of states have few or no races put on by promoters. I'm pretty sure some of these states will never change as the demographics just don't support a for-profit race promotion model.

I see the pattern in other

I see the pattern in other states. Clubs are gradually dropping the races they promote. Lots of new clubs forming with 5-10 members who do no volunteering, no mentoring and no promoting. Harder and harder to get volunteers. Clubs are only putting on the events that will make money - not the ones that are actually hard. hence the decline in RRs - require a lot of work and, unless completely flat, are too hard for the modern namby-pamby racer who is scared of getting dropped.

I blame the relative ease and

I blame the relative ease and low cost of getting limited quantity orders of custom kit AND the dropping of the race promotion requirement for the proliferation of small clubs. Now, any 3 or 4 guys who just want to race together without the commitments of large club membership can get matching kits and call themselves a team. Worse yet, the insufferable constant social media activity, promoting their exploits as if they matter, is enough to drive you crazy. Srsly, 5 mid-pack cat 3s in matching outfits think they can generate ROI for their "sponsors"... and by sponsors, I mean the LBS that gives them discounts on used tubes and whatnot.

Check out the East Coast

I used to race on the East Coast/Mid Atlantic before I moved here. Not only were there a majority of races put on by local clubs, clubs were also hosting 2-3 different races a year including cross and road.

This is not an issue of USAC killing races, it's an issue of clubs gathering resources and people efficiently and effectively.

The bigger/older clubs are

The bigger/older clubs are slowly realizing that there is no incentive to putting on races any more. You kill yourselves promoting an event, hope to break even and not get sued, all for the love of the sport. Other clubs do nothing except look for sponsors. Why bother any more?

If there is money than it might live on

Time will tell if this race appears to be profitable enough to keep alive. In the new era of more promoter driven races if they see money to be made than it could and should be picked up by a professional promoter and not left in the hands of clubs who at times might not have the infrastructure to manage a race.

Or maybe a club can get it together again and bring it back. Who will win if any?

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