2014 - Cycle to Saturn Epic Century

Epic Century (Golden-to-Breckenridge): 140 miles, 14,000 feet*

Double Century: 214 miles, 20,000+ feet*

Start location: Golden, Coors Tek Parking lot, 10th and Jackson Street.

/Start: 3:00 am/4:00 am. Both events will start simultaneously.

Finish location:
Epic Century: Breckenridge (TBD)
Double Century: Golden, Coors Tek Parking lot

(Somewhat) brief description: The Saturn Cycling Classic, contested from 2000 to 2002, was one of the most epic (and brutal) road races ever ridden by the professional peloton in the U.S. The traditional Boulder-to-Breckenridge route boasted an average altitude of over 9,000 feet, climbing over 14,000 vertical feet in 140 miles! Covering a mixture of paved and (nasty) gravel roads, it was perhaps the most difficult single-day road race ever contested in the United States. Of the 190+ riders who started the race each year, perhaps only 20 riders would even finish. In spite of this fact, the race attracted some of the U.S.'s biggest cycling stars, including Scott Moninger, Jonathan Vaughters, Chris Wherry, and 2014 Vuelta winner, Chris Horner. It was Colorado's defining road race! In 2014, RMCCers will get the opportunity to experience this legendary cycling route, a course that only a few dozen professional riders have ever completed! Participants will have the option of completing the Cycle to Saturn route as an "epic" 140-mile century OR (for those riders who are attempting to receive Colorado Triple Crown credit) a 200-mile double century. Get ready for the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club's next BIG adventure! Get ready to Cycle to Saturn!!



Saturday, August 16, 2014


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