CO Cx Jr's lay out the welcome mat.

Part of what makes Colorado Cyclo-cross so amazing is our Jr's. Not only are they plentiful, but they are FAST. Faster than many of us who are...ahem...a little older. And now these kids, their parents and their teams are going the extra mile this week. Not only are they going to be giving it everything they've got to race, but they're giving it everything they've got to be good hosts as well. The Jr's are hosting a Cyclo-cross celebration this Friday evening for juniors, parents and coaches for a night of food, fun and sharing!

We are so excited to see the Colorado junior community step forward to host this event. We have junior teams from all over Colorado that are contributing to this great event. The City of Boulder continues to create a welcoming mat to our extended cyclo-cross community by providing this wonderful venue.
-Clint Bickmore, BRAC President

*Jr's, parents and coaches, check out the flier for this upcoming event!

Date: Friday January 10th, 2014
Place: East Boulder Rec Center
Time: 5:30-8:30 PM
Please CLICK HERE to Pre-register!

*The event is made possible by donors. A donation bucket will be at the door. Please contact Clint Bickmore at with sponsorship interest.

Clint also went on to gush about how lucky we are to live in Colorado and he's RIGHT. We ARE lucky. Cx Nationals is a wonderful opportunity to share just how beautiful, healthy and friendly our state is.

Regardless of if you're going to race, to cheer, to heckle, or to just share in the revelry, let's extend our National Welcome mat like the Jr's. If you live here, be helpful. Be awesome. If you are visiting, and need something, simply ASK. We'd all love to help!

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