2014 - Carter Lake Road Race

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Registration opens for the Gebhardt Automotive Cycling Classic on January 1, 2014. Riders can register for $35 online at www.bethebeastracing.com. The Gebhardt Automotive Cycling Classic is the first race on the 2014 Colorado calendar. It is also the inaugural year for the race.

The course will start/finish by the South Shore Campground located at Carter Lake. There will be a one-mile out and back section from the circuit to the start/finish. After completing this one-mile section to the circuit, riders will race clockwise through wide-open, scenic, rolling terrain, with the main obstacle being the switchback climb to Carter Lake. The distance of the race will depend on what category the rider is racing in.

The race will have 9 categories: Senior men P-1-2, Senior men 3, Senior men 4, Master’s men 45+ 1-2-3, Master’s men 45+ 4, Senior men 5, Senior women P-1-2, Senior women 3, Senior woman 4. There will be prize money for both the men’s and women’s P-1-2 categories and merchandise prizes for all other categories.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014



Tuff luv

What's up with the obsession over immediate online results? On my list of ten most important things a promoter/race director should do, same day online results ranks around 13th.

Once again....

more negativity on 303 cycling....thanks for putting that spin on things Randy

On a positive and much more important note, Saturday was a super fun day, organizers did a great job in kicking off the 2014 race season....quick online results and all.

Well, BRAC can post them just

Well, BRAC can post them just as fast. The officials at the race are the first to know that final results of any race here in CO. They just happen to be BRAC members and some sort of sub contractors of BRAC/Race Promoter as well. The information gets around fast. Guess the hang up is the BRAC webmaster working on the weekend.

Sure, the officials have the

Sure, the officials have the results. Do you think they have them in a format that can be uploaded immediately, or is some massaging of data required? Just curious, how was your life affected in any meaningful way by not seeing the results on BRAC same day?

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